Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feminism and the feelings of men

A common complaint by women is that "men are not connected to their feelings". This complaint is of course invalid and misandrist. Men DO have feelings, but sometimes they choose different ways to express them, and this is something that those women cannot understand. So it isn't that men don't have feelings, it is the limitations of women that are not capable of understanding men. As always, they would blame men for everything, regadrless of the facts.

So, today I am going to talk about my own feelings as a men regarding feminism, in a lanaguage that women are able to understand.

The first emotion I feel when I hear anything that has anything to do with feminism is anger. A very powerful, deep feeling of anger. Now let's try to analyze that. Why am I so angry at feminist?
Is it because I am a women hater? Is it because I had a bad mother? is it because I am a psycho?
Well the answers to this are No No and No. On the contrary. I love other human beings, I have a wonderful mother, and I just an ordinary person. Why then, am I feeling such a powerful anger about the issue of feminism?

Well, there are many possible reasons why people would feel angry about things. For example, if you had a dream and someone has broken it, you are very likely to feel anger towards that person or entity. If you had something of value that you loved, and it was taken away from you, it would be very strange if you didn't feel anger toeards those who took this precious thing from you.

And guess what? this is exactly what feminist did. Having been born in the end of the 1970's, I have grown up in a feminism-free atmosphere. I remember my childhood as great. Feminism hasn't really gained much foothold in Israel until the 1990's. Israel has been a wonderful place to grow up in, despite all the security issues of the middle east. Society was healthy. Families were strong. Divorce has not been as common as it is today. Misandry in Israeli society and in the Israeli media did not exist until the 1990's.

As most of my peers, I have dreamed about the day where I would become an adult, and my time will come to have my own beloved wife and adorable children. I could not wait to have my own family. It was something that I precieved as a natural stage in my development as a human being.

Back then, I loved my country very much, and had a string Patriotic feeling about it. I felt thankful for all the good things my country has given me, and the love to my coutry was an essential part of my identity.

But as I was growing up, things began to change. The newspapers and the TV were suddently filled with all kinds of wierd stories about poor women being battered and abused by their husbands. The Israeli government started making all kinds of wierd laws against men, who were suddently portrayed as the "Enemies of Society". At some point one would feel the need to apologize for having being born with a penis. Divorce rates were on the rise. Israeli courts began to make all those bad policies against men, imposing impossible child support amounts on them, not allowing them to see their children, etc. False Domestic violence and Rape accusations became the new trend. Worst of all, the perception of family in the Israeli society has changed. Families weakend a great deal, and the trust between men and women deteriorated.

When I grew up, I realized that the Israeli family is not what it used to be. I have known some men whose life has been completly destroyed by the Israeli family courts. Their children were taken away from them, thwe ex-wife interfered with visitation rights, one of them has even been put on a criminal charges because his ex filled fase domestic violenbce allegations against him.
All were financially ruined.

Having seen all this, I was in a serious crisis. I really wanted a family, but I feared that my fate would become similar to the fate of those men I knew. At some point my childhood friends began to get married, and in recent years some of them are going on divorce, experiencing all the terrible things that the Israeli Divorce Industry has to offer.

After a long process I decided that I have no choice but to give up my dream and give up the idea of having a family of my own altogether. Later on I realized that I was not alone. Many men around the world are facing similar dillemas, and end up making the same decisions. This is called the "Marriage Strike".

On the way, I gradually began to lose trust in the whole governmental systems in my country. The government itself, the police, the courts, the welfare systems, are all feminist secret agents now, imposing their evil agenda. The love I felt to my country began depreciating. How can I love such an evil country, that takes away my most basic right, to have a family of my own?

So this is my story. This is how I lost my dream to have a family of my own, abd the country that I loved. So no wonder than I am angry. Feminism has brought a social disaster on us. Feminism is destroying famlies, and the social fab-ric as a result. So there you go. I was personally hurt and I am angry, just like any other person in my situation would have been.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A great Anti-Feminist Reader Comment by a Woman

I came across this great reader comment while reading just another one of those feminist opinion articles at YNET news. I think that this comment shows that some woman begin to understand that feminism is not only against the best interest of men, it is agaist the best interest of women as well.

Translation to English of the sarcastic hebrew comment:

Go to hell alll feminists!

Thank you so much for the strong women who have fought for the freedom of women in all fields of life so far, but please, feminists, leave some masculinity in the world. Nature is not making progress as fast as you are promoting your battles! You already want men to give birth, do shopping and babysitter, get the kids from the kindergarden whlie they are discussing their testicles overflow problems. I protest! Sorry, but a man
needs to be a man, and I am not the only woman who is attracted to men with masculine traits, and unfortunately lack of interest in shopping is part of the package. Or maybe I should be happy about it? Because I am a woman and nature has decided for me that women are collectors, and shine with hapiness when they see shops overloaded with goods, and especially happy when my partner is not there too see how I abuse my VISA card. Because of you feminists we both work full time and run the domestic matters almost by ourselves. In addition we are expected to be fresh and sensual, and don't tell me it's my problem, it is a problem common to many women, it is a compromise you make in order to live your life together with a partner you are interested in - period. And any feminist that would tell me that I am stupid for making this compromise, is probably bitter husbandless women that is still searching for the perfect men that would both be a CEO, a perfect father and a good girlfriend, a babysitter and eqaul partner in raising children, and a good lover as well. When Ido Rosenblum (Talent in a popular Israeli Trivia-like TV show, D.C) asked in "Monit Hakesef" a lesbian couple if they burn bras, they replied "We are not retards, just lesbians". This concludes my words.

תלכו לעזזל כל הפמיניסטיות!
תודה רבה לנשים החזקות שלחמו למען חופש הנשים בכל התחומים עד היום, אבל אנא מכן פמיניסטיות, תשאירו מעט גבריות בעולם, מה לעשות שהטבע אינו מתקדם במהירות בה אתן מקדמות את מלחמותיכן! אתן כבר רוצות שגברים יילדו, יעשו קניות ובייביסיטר, יאספו את הילדים מהגן תוך כדי שהם דנים בבעיית הגודש בביצים. אני מוחה!!! מצטערת, אבל גבר צריך להיות גבר, ואני לא היחידה שנמשכת לגברים בעלי תכונות גבריות, ולצערי חוסר עניין בקניות זה חלק מהחבילה, ואולי לשמחתי? כי אני אישה , והטבע שחליט בשבילי שאישה היא מלקטת, זורחת מאושר למראה החנויות העמוסות כל טוב ובעיקר שמחה שבן הזוג לא זוכה במראה הקשה של התעללות בויזה. בגללכן פמיניסטיות אנחנו גם עובדות במשרה מלאה וגם מנהלות משק בית כמעט לבד - עובדות 24/7 ובנוסף לכל זה מצפים מאיתנו להיות רעננות וחושניות, ואל תגידו לי שזו בעיה שלי, זאת בעיה של הרבה נשים, זאת פשרה על מנת לקיים חיים זוגיים עם מישהו שיש לך בו עניין - נקודה. ומי שתגיד לי שאני מפגרת שהתפשרתי היא בטוח רווקה מזדקנת שמחפשת את המושלם שלה שגם יהיה מנכ"ל, גם אב למופת גם חברה טובה, גם בייביסיטר ושותף מלא בגידול הילדים, וגם מאהב טוב . כאשר עידו רוזנבלום שאל במונית הכסף זוג לסביות מדליקות אם הן שורפות חזיות - הן ענו: "אנחנו לא מפגרות אנחנו רק לסביות" וזה מסכם את דבריי.
אישה |
12:50 | 10.03.10

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Israeli Feminists de-rail legislation to hold female rapists accountable

Israeli Feminist organizations have sucessfully de-railed a legislation that would hold female rapists criminally accountable. Under the current definition of Rape in the Israeli criminal law, Rape is a male-only offense. Meaning, that it is impossible for a woman to be a rapist, no matter what she does.

Not much of a surprise here. Israeli feminists have an extremely effective lobby that keeps promoting discriminating pro-female legislation, while de-railing any legislation that promotes true eqaulity, justice for men, or any kind of demand for accountability by females.

This would be just another sad chapter in the horror story of men rights in Israel, and in the western world as a whole. Politicians are cowards. Always have been, always will be. The change we need so much is never going to come from them.

Big thumbs down for Israeli Politicians, you have just missed a chance to correct a bad law. You probably think that if an adult woman seduces a male minor, this is perfectly OK, and you don't think anything should be done about it. Or perhaps I am giving you too much credit buy saying that you "think"? You probably don't even think and don't care at all.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feminist Hypocracy: Women are more likely to fire other pregnant women more than men

A New Research by Nirit Toshav-Eichner from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem shows that women are more likely than men to fire other pregnant women.

According to Israeli labour laws, an employer must seek a speciasl permit from the government if he wants to fire a pregnant woman employee. The government is checking the real reasons for the employment termination, and only if an approval is granted, the employee can be fired. The request is filled by the direct manager of the employee.

The research has found out that 1/3 of the requests were filed by women. Consideringthe fact that over 2/3 of managers in Israel are men, you get the conclusion that women are more likely than men to file requests to fire other pregnant women.

If you add that to another research that found out that Israeli men and women alike prefer a male boss rather than a female boss, you must ask yourself that maybe Israeli men are not that bad after all, in spite of the feminist propaganda.

By the way, my personal conclusion is not that men are better than women, I actually believe that every employer views his employees in an instrumental way and all he cares about is maximizing the business profit. My conclusion is that women are more likely to detect a situation when their female employees take advantage of their special status as a "pregnant employee" and the privileges that accompany it. Why are they better at it? Well, first of all, they are women. Secondly, they might have been there themselves sometime inb their proferssional history, some of those female managers might have taken advantage of their status as pregnant women in the past, and therefore are better at detecting such attempts by their female employees....

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Israeli Criminal Law: Rape is a male-only offense

Women cannot be rapists. This is not only a feminist agenda, but a hard legal fact in the Israeli Criminal Law, which defines rape as a male only offense. Say a 40 years old women, who works as a school teacher, seduces its 13 years old pupil, it might be impossible to file criminal charges against her. She might lose her job, but legally there is no much you can do about it.

Israeli legislators now wants to change the rape definition in the Israeli Criminal Law so that it includes women as well. Feminists has already launched a very noisy campaign in the Israeli media, opposing the psoposed changes to Israeli Criminal Law.

Their arguments are silly and stupid as always. Israeli Feminists claim that making it possible to file rape charges against women might lead to situations where "Male rapists will accuse the women of being the rapists". As always, the Israeli media is at the Feminist side, and we only need to wait and see whether the proposed law change will pass or be burried in the parliament.

You wanna know my bet? I'll bet you 1:10 that the proposed change is NOT going to pass. I wish I will be surprised!

Another arrest order issued against an Israeli father without a legal basis

This is the Story of a personal friend of mine. I will call him O. O is going through a hellish divorce process from a greedy wife, with whom he has 2 children. O is just another one of those fathers who were ordered to pay child support higher than their actual income. O is currently unemployed, after he was layed off during the economic crisis. O has been ordered to pay a sum of 5500 NIS every month, equivalent to 1400 USD. For comparison, the average salary in Israel is currently about 1900 USD a month, meaning that O has been ordered to pay about 73% of an average salary (Before deduction of taxes!!), while he is unemployed. O is not a millionaire, far from it. At the age of 30, O has moved back in with his parents, and his economic future seems quite gloomy.

O and his wife were renting an apartment together. When they broke up, O has left the apartment, but kept paying the rent as the landlord had his personal checques linked to his own account (not the joint account of the couple). The court order clearly stated that O may deduct the amounts paid to the landlord from the child support payments, and so he did.

However, his greedy wife immidiately opened a legal case in the child suppport collection services against him, claiming that he did not pay the child support in full, addressing the amounts deducted with court's permission. O has claimed for his defense that the amouns has been deducted with the court's permit, and attached evidence that those amounts has actually been paid to the landlord for the wife's apartment. The court has scheduled a hearing to Mid-April 2010, more than 2 months away.

Israeli law clearly states that as long as such a claim is pending, no arrest orders can be issued against a debtor. about a week ago, O has recieved a notification from the court about an arrest order than has been issued against him. This means that every moment O can be arrested by the Israeli police and thrown to jail like a criminal.

The Arrest Order issued against O has no legal basis, and in this case it is the Israeli court, who is supposed to be enforcing law, that ignores the laws and the basic rights of O. O has been paying all the child support despite the financial hardship he is in. He is not a deadbeat dad. He cares about his children and he is a great and dedicated father. O might be soon arrested for a fictive debt that has not even been proven yet.

This is just another sad example, of how Fathers Rights in Israel are violated, even if in theory they exist in the laws.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Feminist Sponsored Child Trafficking in Israel?

Israel now has the highest rate of children removed from their natural family in the western world. over 5%(!!) of Israeli children are currently removed from their families, according to data provided by The Israeli Movement For the Future of our Children. This is ten times the western world average statistics that moves around 0.5% of all children.

Hearing such a statistics, one would wonder whether Israeli parents love their chlildren. It is quite obvious that just like in any other coutry, Israeli parents love their children very much. Why then so many children are being removed from their families?

The reason is the Feminist controlled Welfare Industry. Interrelated to the Israeli divorce industry, feminists has found just another way of making money at the expense of children coming from poor families.

This is more or less how the system works: When an Israeli child is removed from his natural family, women at all levels of the welfare industry chain start making money out of it. First, the social worker itself. There are very few male social workers, 95% of them are women. Social Workers in Israel get a special bonus to their salary for every new "case" handled by them. So, the social worker in the field has an economic incentive to remove as much children as possible from their natural families. Bearing in mind that according to current Israeli welfare laws, the Israeli Social workers has more power and authority than court Judges, this is a very big problem.

Second comes the Ministry of welfare itself. For every child removed the Ministry gets more money from the goverment, budgets for more employees, and special programs meant to "treat" and "cure" the problems created by the Ministry of Welfare itself.

In addition, following the privatization of welfare services in recent years, most children are forwarded to special centers, held by private entities, and owned by members of the Israeli Feminist Mafia. For every chlid those centers get about 100,000 NIS (about 25,000 USD) annual budget from the government. The Managers of these centers, always related to the feminist Mafia, enjoy really nice salaries of course, at the expense of the poor children.

What happens to children in these centers? First of all, they are removed from their natural families, and their right to freely communicate with their parents is heavily restricted. The children are over drugged by the center educational and medical staff, usaully for no reason.
Rape and Violence incidents against the children in those places are quite common. However, the Israeli police avoids making serious investigations about it. Somehow all those investigations are being burried and evidence is never found.

Statistics shows that children who grew up in those centers are very likely to become criminals when they grow up. They are way more likely to be involved in serious crimes than children who have not been removed from their families. conclusion: Those centers are not effective, and probably cause more damage than good.

5% is a scary number. The Feminists are destroying the future of Israeli society, for a few more bucks in their salary. Dr. Ester Herzog, a famous Israeli Feminist with some integrity, claims that "Israeli children has become a marchandize." Dr. Ester Herzog is a a feminist who is fighting against the welfarfe industry. But her case is not representative. Most Israeli Feminists support the corrupt welfare industry that is destroying the life of thousands of Israeli chlidren. This has to be stopped NOW!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Perfect Hit: Israeli Father throws a shoe in the face of Supreme Court's Feminist President, breaking her glasses

The way I see it, Pini Cohen, an Israeli Father, is no less than a national hero. Cohen, an Israeli father whose life has been ruined by the Israeli Family Courts, has entered the courthall in the middle of a court session, took his shoe off, and through it in the face of Dorit Beinish, Supreme Court President. It was a perfect hit, and Beinish's glasses has been broken.

Now I have been to the supreme court's hall before, and I know how distant is where the Judges sit from the area the public has access too. Making such a perfect hit from such a long distance means one of two things: the thorwer is either a trained shooter, or has such a strong rage that he is very, very much focused on his target. Dorit Beinish is a notorious feminist, and has direct responsibility for integratnig Anti-Fathers Bias into the Israeli Courts System. Therfore, there is no wonder that the thrower, a father whose life has been destroyed by the system Beinish is heading, has been so angry, and made a perfect hit as a result.

The Israeli Supreme court is a major feminist and Anti-Patriotic stronghold in Israel, and is usaully percieved as the enemy of the common people. The shoe-throwing act has created a real
public storm. In the feminist media, Pini Cohen is condemed and crucified. But if you ask the common man on the street, he would tell you that Pini Cohen is no less that a hero. The shoe-throwing has been a protest by the common men against the misandrist court system, and Pini Cohen has become a symbol and example of the Israeli Fathers Rights movement.

Pini Cohen is very likely to spend a long time in jail now. However, his brave act has been a great service for all Israeli Fathers, and he would definately join the Hall of Fame of the Israeli Fathers Rights Movement.

you can find English YNET Report about the incident here.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feminists Robbing Dead Bodies For Sperm

So, think you have seen it all? You have seen nothing yet. The immorality and disgracefulness of the Feminist movement have now reached a new record high. We have already got used to the fact that feminists make men's life bitter. However, when we died, feminists used to leave us alone. Well, so it was until recently. Nowadays, feiminists have also taken away the privilege men used to have, to die in peace.

When a men dies, it is possible to pump out sperm of the dead body. If the pumping is done within 24 hours from the time of death - the sperm can be used to fertilize a woman. There is only one problem - the man is dead. Which means that you cannot ask him whether or not he agrees to be a father.

However, the feminist-infected family court in Israel doesn't see this as a problem. On January 17th 2007, an Israeli Family has first approve pumping out sperm from a dead body of an IDF soldier died in the course of his military service. The young soldier, 19 years of age, has never been asked whether or not he would be willing to become a father in a way like this, or at all.

The dead soldier's mother, hooked up with a total stranger female, and together they applied to the Israeli family court to approve pumping sperm out of the dead soldier's body. The sperm was to be used to fertilize a total stranger female, whom the young soldier has never met or heard of in his life. However, since the request was filled by women, the Israeli family court automatically approved the request, as it always does.

The sperm has been pumped, and the total stranger female now has a baby. But what about the rights of the young dead man to decide whether he wants to be father or not? And what about the fact that the mother is a total stranger whom the young man has never met in his life? And why did the court assume that the young man would have approved such a controversial act of pumping out sperm from his dead body? And besides, who says that the parents has the right to decide? we know nothing about the relationship this young man has with his parents. Would he want to leave such a decision in their hands? This a new record in the feminist moral corruption - they no longer even respect the dead. Even when a man dies, feminists are going to tear his body apart in order to get some sperm.

This is not surprising though. The Israel sperm-banks are now suffering a major drain crisis. After the Israeli media published that feminists made an attempt to retroactivley expose the identity of sperm-donors, despite the fact that the current laws assure them confidentiality, sperm donations by Israeli men has stopped almost completly. Knowing the identity of the father would allow the mother to take the sperm donor to court and get child support for 21 years, and there is nothing he will be able to do about it. If you also think about the Marrige Strike in Israel that is now developing, Israeli women are now having hard time finding sperm.
So, feminists react to the sperm draght by attempting to look for additional sources for some fresh sperm. And if it means robbing dead bodies of young men who died while serving their country, then so be it. After all, nothing is going to stop a determined feminist.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Watch it online: Feminists trying to frame a Supreme court candidate

It's is quite rare to have evidence to false allegations. Usaully, it's a "word against a word", there are no witnesses. However, this rare story is amazing, you can see online all the evidence and everything links together.

So our story begins at the Law Faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. We have two dominant charachters in our story: The first is Prof. Zohar Goshen, a law professor. Prof. Zohar Goshen had been a candidate to become a Judge in Israel's supreme court. The second charachter is Goshen's colleage, Dr. Orit Kamir, a well known feminist activist and law professor. Prof. Goshen and Dr. Kamir has a well-documented rivalry between them, After Dr. Kamir has accused Prof. Goshen of being "the enemy of women's rights".

Dr. Orit Kamir has published a public letter against the planned appointment of Prof. Goshen to the Supreme court. You can find a news article about publish in Ha'aertz it in hebrew here.
Ha'aretz is Israel's third largest national newspaper. Translation of the news article:

'A letter criticizing Prof. Zohar Goshen, the leading candidate to be appointed to the Supreme Court, has been spread across the Internet during the last few days. Behind the letter is Dr. Orit Kamir. However, the letter has been spread by feminists activists and women's organizations.
"Goshen has opposed the law against sexual harrassment" Kamir has written, "When the law passed he accused me (Kamir has been one of those who initiated the law) that now his life will have to change. As a result of my initiative to promote this law, Goshen has started a personal attack against me and led the Hebrew University to fire me......Goshen is a dangerous enemy to women's rights". Sources close to Goshen has said: "Kamir's claims are a lie and Goshen has never opposed the law against sexual harrassment".' This article is dated 25/7/06.

OK, and now comes the best part. The is a this very popular Internet portal called "Tapuz". In this portal, there is a "Feminism" forum. in 25/7/06, (remember that date? see above!) a user named "Portal" publishes in the Feminism Forum the following message:

Title "Looking for female students who studied at Zohar Goshen's Courses"

Female students who studied at Prof. Zohar Goshen's students, in the Hebrew University or at the "Academic Institute", recently or a few years ago: With relation to his expected appointment to the Supreme Court, it is about time to let some skeletons out of the closet. Girls that this is relevant to them or to their friends know what I am talking about. Please leave me a message".

Amazing isn't it? They are actually actively looking for potential false accusers in order to de-rail Prof. Goshen's appointment to the supreme court! By the way, the original hebrew message in the Tapuz Feminism forum is still there, you can find it here.

It would be noting that a reply message in the forum to that message, by a user named "Nurit Hadari" says the following: "And I am looking for Orit Kamir's letter about this subject. Anyone has a copy?"

Prof. Zohar Goshen wasn't eventually appointed to the supreme court. However, nobody has ever complained. By the way, don't you worry about him, as Prof. Goshen is now the chairmen of Israel's Securities Authority. But the Internet remembers. It remembers an ugly attempt to frame an innocent man with false accusation of sexual harassment.

Israeli Father Arrested For No Reason By Rabbanical Family Court, Will recieve 2500$ compensation from the state

N. is an Israeli Father and Men Rights Activist. I know him personally. He is one of the bravest and most determined MRA's in the country. N took the Israeli government to court after he spent 1 night under arrest by an illegal order of the Rabbanical Family Court. N has decided that he is not going let the government get away with it, and took it to court. A settlement hasd been reached, and tghe Israeli Government will pay N 2500$ compensation.

This is good news for both N and Israeli Fathers alike. This is sending the government a clear message: Fathers has rights too. You cannot ignore those rights. And if you do, you are going to pay.

Family courts in Israeli are very easy in approving requests for various orders against fathers. This includes restraining orders, arrest orders, limiting property dispositions orders, and so on. Requests for such orders that would have likely been denied in a regular Israeli court for lack of supporting edidence, are very easily approved against fathers by the Family Courts. This is why this settlment is so important.

It all begun when N's wife has filled all sorts of requests against N in the Rabbanical Family Court, and provided a wrong address. As a result N has never recieved the letter from the court.
N has learned about the court proceedings from other sources, and shown up despite not having to do so. At that opportunity he gave the court his correct address, which was recorded in the court's protocol.

However, the court kept sending letters to his old address. N failed to show up, and as a result the Rabbanical Family Court has issued an order to have him brought to court by the police and put him under arrest. The Israeli police failed to execute the arrest order because it contained the wrong address.

The rabbanical Family court has issued another order, and gave it to N's wife. This way, whenever his wife sees N or knows where he is, she could have the police come and arrest him.
The oder granted to the wife was without the possibility for a financial bail.

After 7 months, there was an argument between N and his wife. The wife has called the police, and took advantage of the 7 months old arrest order. When the police came she presented the order to them. N was immidiately arrested, and spend the night behind bars.

N decided that he was not going the government violate his rights and get away with it. N should be an example for each one of us. If the goverment is violating your rights, stand up and fight back!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Discriminating Men: Women get Social Security in retirement 3 years earlier than men

This is another example of discrimination against men by the Israeli government. In Israel there is a different retirement age for men and women. The discrimination is very clear: Men are eligible for Social Security when they reach the age of 67. women are eligible as soon as they reach the age of 64. As always, the Israeli government is not even trying to hide or excuse it. You can find this fact stated clearly in plain english in the Israeli Social Security website.

This specific discrimination is quite ugly, because it targets the weaker parts of society - eldery men many of whom do not any other means of income. They cannot go to work at their age, and even if they could, they are very unlikely to be abke to get a job in Israel's agressive and competitive labour market, that favours the young. In many cases those eldery men will have high medical costs, or other challanges relatng to their age.

It is also worth mentioning that women has a higher life expectancy then men, so they are going to get more government money anyway, even without taking into account the fact that they can retire 3 years earlier. This additional fact is just making it even more absurd.

Both men an women, contribute high portions of their income to social security through their younger years, and are demanded to pay eqaully. So what for reason in the world men's Social Security rights shoulb be inferior to those of women? This policy of Israel's social security is simply evil.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

UK Tories Leader Promises a further crackdown on "Deadbeat Dads"

The upcoming UK election are very likley to have Tories outthrow labour from power. If any of you MRAs had any high hopes that the tories are going do anything about fathers' rights, I'm afraid that you might be disappointed by reading this.

David Cameron, Tories leader does identify what he calls "Broken Britian" - a family crisis in the UK. However, like any other average politician, he chooses to make populist suggestions rather than tracking the real sources of the problem.

Mr. Cameron is promising us a "crackdown on deadbeat dads", together along with tougher measures agaist domestic violence. This are to bad steps in thw wrong direction. Mr. Cameron, These are not the solutions - these are part of the problem! Draconian Domestic Violence laws is part of the reason families in the UK are falling apart, and this is also true for making fathers pay more child support then they can afford, thus making it possible for the government to label them "Deadbeat Dads".

There is only one small ray of light in what Mr, Cameron says. The Tories plan to cut back heavily on welfare payments, including correcting the currect situation where a single mother gets more welfare money than a married mother. However, this is not a real reason for being happy. It is clear that Mr. Cameron is simply unable to understand the deeper roots of the family crisis in Britian. Therfore, I wouldn't expect any major chance in favor of fathers' rights in the UK in the near future.

Lilach Irmiyahu will pay 25000$ in compensation for making false allegations about sexual abuse

Lilach Irmiyahu, an Israeli female student, will pay 25000 USD plus 4000 USD for legal costs to compensate a men whom she accussed of sexually abusing her. A pioneer court ruling by female Judge Oshri Frost-Frenkel from the local court in Tel-Aviv has recognized the false allegations victim right for compensation. The original court decision (In Hebrew) can be found here.

Lilach Irmiyahu was an IDF soldier at the time of relevant events. This was back in 2003. After she made the accusations, the men had been arrested by the Israeli police and spent 4 days behind bars.

The Israeli national media has published the men's name as a sex offender, and he now he cannot get rid of the stigma. This is a problem common among many of the victims of false accusations. The Israeli media is dominated by feminists, and as soon as they hear anything that sounds like an opportunity to have a go at men, they never miss a shot. Even after the accusations are officialy recognized as being false, victims of false allegations have really hard time clearing their name.
Thus false allegations can completly destroy innocent men's lives, especially in such a small country as Israel.

Later on, the police has noticed that the accuser is telling inconsistent versions of what happened. She eventually admitted that her accusations about sexual abuse were completly false. in 2004, criminal charges were filled against Lilach Irmiyahu, for making the false accusations. In the framework of a deal with the state attourney, the accuser has admitted the facts but has not been convicted. As a result, the false accuser is now free to make false accusations against other men as well, and will not spend even a single day in jail.

See Below a translation of the court decision generated by Google's automatic translation software:

Magistrates Court of Tel Aviv - Jaffa A. 023310/06
Before: The Honorable Judge happiness Frustfrnkl Date: 13/01/2008

Posts: Fadel Gavrieli Yoav
Lilac Jeremiah

A.. Background facts:
1. The prosecutor, is a young man in the - he claims his late 20, a business reporter at times relevant to the prosecution in the cosmetic vehicle is currently unemployed and living social security pension for personal reasons that are interesting demanded.
Defendant, a student in the - 20 cheek, which dates relevant to the lawsuit served as a soldier in the regular army.
This lawsuit concerns violation of the right plaintiff to freedom, his reputation and damage the reputation, rights which are protected under the laws of libel, claiming that the defendant filed a false complaint against her attorney argued that the prosecutor committed indecent acts in force. Respect of this complaint the prosecutor was arrested for four days, his name was published in the media and he was put to ridicule his immediate family.
The prosecutor spent a day at the police station in Herzliya and three days in detention at Abu Kabir.

At. Prosecutor claims:
2. On 22.7.03, at 14:00 or close to it, plaintiff noticed defendant sitting at a bus stop when she's near the intersection of the village green border Ramat Hasharon and Tel Aviv and turned to her to find out how to get licensed neighborhood in Ramat Hasharon.
Between the two, developed a call at the end went together through a bus in Ramat Hasharon. Reaching Ramat Hasharon, exchanged phone numbers and bid their way to peace.
At 16:00 or close to it, the prosecutor made telephone contact with the defendant, after defendant called him "a call - Disconnect". After a brief conversation they met together, stayed for about two hours at the cafe "Vanilla" in Ramat Hasharon. After the meeting turned to the defendant's house, arrested a short break in a park. Later, before reaching to the defendant, visited two of the prosecutor at his aunt and then visited the house where the defendant's friend said goodbye friendly atmosphere.

Separated before the prosecutor informed the defendant that can not find a match between them except friendship, the defendant responded in tears wondering about the prosecutor's decision. At this point, while a taxi ride home in Herzliya prosecutor, the defendant tried to contact him by phone several times, but the prosecutor did not answer and later even turned off his cell phone.

3. The next day, 23.7.03, at 16:54 or close to it, the defendant went to the police station districts filed a complaint to the investigator on duty, which, the prosecutor committed indecent acts in force and introduced police investigators claimed injury caused by the prosecutor.
Sabotage is loaded, as it turned out later, is a burn caused by the defendant in the course of her military service near the relevant dates. The next day, early morning light of her complaint, the home of car arrived and performed the arrest, the prosecutor in front of his neighbors, acquaintances, family members undergo equal. During the arrest, refuted the air bearing words serious criminal character, such as: "sexual assault", "rape", "sex crimes", etc., when all these are attributed to the prosecutor.
He claimed that short space which describe the experience of his life, when beyond the shame and humiliation it experienced prosecutor, had the early morning before the eyes of his neighbors and his family Hmstoddim curiosity on their balconies at the top ashamed to be led by the police.

Arrest and detention was extended and he spent 4 long days, when he felt pain all over his body, so sad, terrible loneliness, helplessness and shouted his innocence. All this knowing he was innocent and in fact formed a malicious and vindictive plot against him. Published arrest procedure are close associates of the prosecutor and local and national media. At this point, the prosecutor had "bought" the status of a dangerous sex offender, and which when he himself did not know anything about it.
After four days of detention, questions began to emerge contradictory complaints about the defendant against the plaintiff, due to the fact that the burn mark the defendant's hand, caused the military services, and in retrospect it turned out that during the meeting, told the prosecutor that the defendant, while she attributed her testimony that the police allegedly attacking the prosecutor. After several days of re-evaluation version of the defendant revealed that her complaint is idle complaint that the defendant finally admitted that the fabricated things from the core.
4. On 10.9.04, submitted an indictment against the defendant, for providing a false report, in accordance with Article 243 of the Penal Code last part, ed - 1977 and on 31.1.05, as part of a plea bargain, the defendant admitted the facts of the indictment against her, but not convicted, face arrangement between prosecution defense attorney review the recommendation of probation services. The court placed the defendant under the supervision of a service test, for one year, noting the defendant undertaking to compensate the plaintiff in the amount of ₪ 3000.

According to the prosecutor, the court stating that the defendant committed the offense, then there is a verdict and / or Mute opponent the fact that there is a verdict on criminal boiled Umtiitr need to prove that the very implementation actions.
5. Plaintiff claims damage to reputation, humiliation, contempt, attributing to him qualities and actions did not exist, becoming a target of ridicule contempt hatred, injury later in life and out of malice unbridled vengeance on the part of the defendant.
Defendant struck his reputation, social status, thanks to a good livelihood.

Because the prosecutor withdrew the event at his home for two weeks during which, inter alia approached various media, with all that entails. In fact, until the very submission of the prosecution, the prosecutor did not "released" from the incident, the stigma that clung to him still exists, including the immediate environment. Acts of defendant constitute libel, the defendant filed a complaint with the police in order to harm the plaintiff, humiliate, degrade caused him damage as possible.
Unjust defamation is a civil tort damages, which entitles the injured party. Defendant not escape liability law get loaded. To this day, plaintiff suffers a negative image in the residence.
C. Claims the defendant:
6. Confirms that the defendant sat with the prosecutor Cafe Vanilla "in Ramat Hasharon and delayed conversation with the park on their way back home.
During the conversation he told her attorney that "he has a case of violence" and that his hobby is the girls abused by attraction bras, or bites. To illustrate this even though the defendant bit her back. Words and actions the prosecutor could terrorize the defendant, who was young, naive and inexperienced. But she decided to approve a prosecutor to escort her on her way home, hoping to be able to part with it without getting hurt. And she moved with the prosecutor at his aunt, a friend came to develop and mustered the courage to separate from the prosecutor.
Defendant claims that before departure from the declared explicitly that the prosecutor was persuaded that there is no match between them and there is no link between them in the future, and that the prosecutor reacted angrily and told her he called her again and again until you agree to meet him again. Returning to her parents' house, the prosecutor tried to call her phone again and again, but she refused to talk to him.
7. Defendant admits that filed a complaint against the police searched the prosecutor, claimed she did it in a state of excitement and fear at the violent harassment plaintiff image presented to her in the park. She hoped the prosecutor suspected felony stop the harassment and intimidation so Mask, version, "known" that the Israel Police does not apply for years to "easy beers" as harassment, or a bite to start the necessary police suspected a more serious offense.

Defendant contends that media reports were initiated by the prosecutor when she made clear that the prosecutor may be caused as a result of excessive damages complaint, above and beyond to achieve the goal of a cease harassment and intimidation, police stood on its own initiative and thanked her own free will that the best original complaint against the prosecutor was not true. The court set an amount of compensation the amount ₪ 3000 after lengthy pondering both the defendant's behavior and the damage caused by detention prosecutor that the amount of compensation paid attorney fully.
8. Prosecutor perceived mistake relying on Article 1 of Chapter "visual component" by not distinguished between ordinary civil suit claims trailing criminal conviction under section 77 of the law courts and buy 17 of the Regulations of Civil Procedure, Tel-Aviv - in 1984, and thought it was trailing from the suit the following reasons:

A.. Trailing only claim submitted against a convicted defendant was not convicted.
At. The current lawsuit was not filed within 30 days after the verdict made brew.

She claims that she never intended to harm plaintiff's reputation, humiliate or degrade, but keep him away, and stop the campaign of harassment and intimidation. More argues that the prosecutor who boasted of sadistic acts, looting and lowered himself. There is no place to attribute a tort of defamation, because the prosecutor is interviewed in the media. Press clippings attached to the lawsuit indicate that the prosecutor initiated the defendant was not all with it. She argues that its actions did not breach a statutory duty.

Compensation determined prosecutor in criminal instance ₪ 3000 are fully paid adequate compensation for any damages, caused by the prosecutor, if it caused.
D.. Discussion
9. Hearing evidence from the case before Justice Mark - Lorenzo Magic Dalia continued to this panel. Accordance with the decision of Justice Abigail Cohen from 12:11:07 accordance with Regulation 177 Civil Procedure Regulations, Tel-Aviv - 1984, there was no room to hear again the testimony Mr. Meir uncle, Ms. Abraham Yafit and Mrs. Ayelet Jeremiah.

The court case was submitted to police investigation material bag, which did not include photographs injuries claimed by the defendant.

Factual framework

10. Parties agreed on the facts:
- The complaint that the plaintiff against the defendant filed the police complaint is false / neutral garden prosecutor was arrested and spent 4 days in custody. One day at the police station in Herzliya and three days in jail at tremendous.
- Defendant admitted the facts of the indictment that was filed against her for this idle complaint in accordance with Article 243 of the Penal Code, for submitting a false report, but not convicted under a plea bargain reached with the claim and paid her full compensation punishment promised to pay part of the criminal case.
- As argued by the defendant ISA extension (Section 4), the defendant considered the ways how, according to her, allow her to keep the plaintiff from her, when she thought that the telephone harassment complaint threatens not addressed by the police's opinion, although she told her friend about the attack on the headquarters prosecutor, "To make it look real."

The question at issue is whether the defendant's complaint constitutes slander and damage to reputation of the plaintiff, tort accessible.

This is the place to note that although the defendant claimed the police complaint, only bite on her alleged defense exists "I spoke the truth", then as will be described later ruled that laws, not proven that the plaintiff had bitten her complaint because the police did not claim that the prosecutor had bitten her, but a blue mark resulting from Mecca.

11. For the prosecution testified before the Court, Meir Elimelech, the direct command of the defendant at the times relevant to the lawsuit. He claimed that the defendant approached him following the alleged incident to her, when she upset and weeping, took him time to draw her out. She told him the previous day's version of events of the complaint as telling him she had met the prosecutor at the bus stop, which bothered her all the way and got off a bus after trying to "apply to her." In his interrogation, the witness explained that he had never met the plaintiff the defendant who told him about her meeting with that person is a plaintiff, who followed her version orchard at one point or shrubs, or a dark place, he pushed her inside and began to deal with her and tried to rape her. She came home as I recall, she told her sister the same.
Elimelech added that he accompanied the defendant to the police station where he filed a complaint gave evidence, he confirmed that police claimed she was a girl reliable, dedicated and responsible and that he believed her.
Elimelech answered his cross-examination that he was the personal headquarters and daily contact with her, crying the defendant was real, she was agitated, raging, and his commander had the same effect. (Page 3 line 23-24 record).
Elimelech said when asked about the bite incident, the defendant had told him about the bite. Elimelech replied that he remembered the defendant told him that the prosecutor had his violent hobby that hurt girls.
After a year the defendant called him and thanked him that fabricated the rape story.

12. Yafit Abraham, her investigation of the defendant testified that she gave a statement to the police and she stands behind her. She did not remember that the day before the event the defendant injured her hand, she remembers that she had bites back, bruises the defendant had shown her, "shocking signs back, bottom and shoulder had swollen and blue and she bit her and turned violent against her. (P. 7 series 1-3 record). Version, the defendant never told her that she fabricated the incident and admitted on the day police told her that her complaint back. Defendant told her that she was frightened prosecutor, he kept calling her. She claims that the prosecutor attacked the defendant signs were not just blue. (Page 8 line 9 of the Protocol).

Abraham answered his cross-examination that the prosecutor called the defendant many times to her house, it bothered her and she asked him not to call, she was very scared and very upset.
Question: "You could tell the difference between real fake crying, after introduction of only three months," she replied that: "Her crying was something you never forget. Shocking, real, sure is real, it is impossible to fake such a cry, it moved really, really hard time, she was really upset, she did not work on me ". (Page 9 series 1-3 record).

Abraham confirmed that the defendant did not want to go to the police, she claimed to her that the police did not handle the complaint if you tell them that he bit her, she went with defendant to the commander, who pressed her to go to the police and file a complaint.

13. Ayelet Jeremiah, defendant's sister testified that defendant inquiries, returned from the army and told her that the prosecutor began her bus, he knew his friend, they were in the prosecutor's aunt went to the park. She noted that the defendant told her that the DA bit her right shoulder, back and waist. Version as the defendant had told her, she told the prosecutor that does not want to touch, the prosecutor responded that although a girl does not refuse him. The prosecutor had called them home, talked to her brother who gave him the cell phone of the defendant.

14. DA, Fadel Yoav, testified that his investigation turned to the defendant to determine how to reach her Ramat Hasharon police, the defendant told him that a long distance to police station and preferably on a bus that goes with it. During the trip the two exchanged phone numbers, the prosecutor dropped Ramat Hasharon police an hour later the defendant called him. He turned toward the defendant's house, called her and asked her if she knew a place to sit and eat because it was hungry, they sat in the Cafe "Vanilla" Ramat Hasharon two hours, then began to walk toward the house, they stopped and sat in a park near the police, because the prosecutor wanted smoke a cigarette. Behind the police station there is a path leading toward the residence and turned toward the trail during Tzaidtm, the prosecutor informed the defendant that there is no match between them. Version, she refused and asked to speak to him, then he knew the defendant to his aunt, passed through the defendant's friend then ordered a taxi home.

The prosecutor said that on his way home called her cell phone and someone he does not know the identity answered. He sent a message asking the defendant to call him. Defendant had called him but he claimed he did not answer her because he wanted to sever ties with her completely.
The next morning, police arrived at his home and detained him for questioning when he asked responded that the delay will tell him at the station. More told the prosecutor that refused to accompany the officers who beat him. At the police station asked him investigating Mira Dayan: "How was last night enjoying?" The prosecutor claimed that he did not understand what she was talking, mention the name of the defendant understood that: "She wants to cast me because I told her no."

15. In his interrogation, police investigators claimed him Hans and he has a complaint for indecent acts. The prosecutor refused to confirm those charges and added, arguing that even if Itzmido a gun to my head did not confirm these allegations, claiming that would never hurt a woman: "Well a man but a woman, a woman's honor waste of time for me." (Page 15 line 17-18 record).
Prosecutor Entered prison cell detention was extended on - 3 days for further investigation.
The prosecutor's version, he claimed that police station that burn the defendant claimed he made her, there was an army depending on her for the defendant told him. As the defendant contends that the prosecutor opened his belt and his pants and tried to rape her, claimed in his interrogation that he had no seat belts. Search conducted at his home was not found even one belt. Almost stabbed in custody, did not let him sleep on the bed and he "passed in hell". The prosecutor said that after he was released people began to point out and condemn it in the street names of rape.

16. His cross-examination the prosecutor argued that the Web site "Ynet" approached him several years after the arrest, sought to interview him and he agreed because he wanted to clear his good name.
Question his interrogation, why not noted in an interview that went Heritage Ramat Hasharon police station and the prosecutor replied that he saw no need to tell the newspaper, "It's my personal things and I'm not supposed to tell". (Page 5 line 24 of the Protocol). The same goes for the interview conducted a year earlier with the newspaper "Voice of Herzliya.

In his interrogation, police claimed that the prosecutor is trying to call the defendant twice, she did not answer him, then called him and when she sent him a reply SMS 2, contrary to an interview conducted in 2005 with a site "Ynet" the defendant argued that there is calling him

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Israels' IDF Mandatory Draft: Discrimination Against Israeli Men

Ever since it was established, Israel has been under a state of war with more than one country. As a result, there has always been a mandatory draft in Israel. Every Israeli must join the ranks of the IDF when he reaches the age of 18. Men must serve the IDF for 3 years, whlie women only have to serve 2 years.

When a person is 18, those are his best years. In those years he can have fun, travel, or go to university or college and get some education, in order to prepare for his professional career in later stages of life. So, taking away 1 extra year from Israeli Men in comparison to Women, is a clear discrimination against Israeli men. Men are losing 1 of their most precious year of their youth, while women are free to do whatever they want.

In fact, even women's duty to serve 2 years in the IDF is quite theoretical. Every women have the option of declaring in front of a military represantative that she cannot serve in the IDF for "Religious Grounds". This means that it is enough for a women to go to the IDF, wear appropriate clothing that is worn amont Israel more religious population, say "Hey look officer, I'm religious", and get full exeption from het duty to serve in the IDF. However, men do not have this privilege. The Israeli government is excellent at respecting the religious beliefs and traditions, but then it comes to men, apparently their beliefs or traditions simply don't count.

Many Israeli women who has nothing to do with religion use this excuse to dodge the draft every year. The Israeli military is doing nothing to stop them, or check if the women claims are authentic. One famous case is the case of Maya Buskila, a famous Israeli Singer. Maya Buskila has dodged the draft, using the "religion" excuse. Although, despite the fact that the singer was known to wear skin-baring outfits and to perform provocative dancing on shows nobody in the IDF did anything about it. This is despite the Israeli media making a whole lot of noise about it.

It is not only the length of IDF service that discriminates men, but the type of service as well. Every men who joins the IDF goes through a medical check. Unless they find a really serious problem, they make you join a front-line combat unit, to become a classic Cannon-Fodder in the serice of the Israeli government. Women of course are exepmt from this practice. They can join a front line combat unit if they choose to, but they have the options to choose being behind a desk, or even not serving at all if they choose the "Religion" path.

Now that has just been a bitter comment, I am not trying to say that military service is not important. I hold the opinion that under normal circumstances, it is the duty of all good men to serve their country in times of need. But this is only under normal circumstances. Now mind you, when your government is infected in misandry, I wouldn't define that as "normal circumstances". The Israeli government is discriminating against men in almost every field of life, and as far as I know Israel is the only country that openly admits that it has a special "Men Tax".

Speaking of taxes and financials, it is worth while looking into the financial aspect of this discrimination. The IDF pays every soldier who is under mandatory draft about 100 USD per month. If you are a combat soldier in a front line unit, you are paid a double, about 200 USD a month. The minimum wage in Israel is about 1000 USD! The average salary is about 2200 USD. and the minimum wage is certainly not enough for making a decent living. So, we can actually calculate how much money does this discrimination worht directly. Even if we assume that a soldier can only get a minimum weage salary when he is young, he is losing 900 USD for evey month he serves in the military. so the extra year that is only served by Men is worth 10800 USD! This is without taking into account other various indirect factors.

Another interesting financial aspect of this os the following fact: The Israeli Child Support law says that a father must pay child support until the a child is reaching the age of 18. However, Israeli courts has expanded this to the age of 21, claiming that through the mandatory militray service, the child won't be able to financially take care of himself, and therfore the father has to pay child support for 3 additional years.

I find this amazing. At first the government is making you serve for 3 years, then the goverment avoids paying a decent salary to its soldiers, and then the courts tell the fathers: "You have to pay instead of the government". Court rulings of child support until the age of 21 has now become the standard in Israeli Family Courts.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Israel: Malka (Mali) Zarihan, a 25 years old women from Raanana, was arrested for making serial false sexual abuse allegations

The Israeli local court in Kefar Saba, has extended arrest order of Malka (Mali) Zarihan in in 5 days, YNET NEWS has reported today. (Original YNET Article in hebrew here).

Malka (Mali) Zarhian, a 25 years old women from Raanana, Israel, is a suspected of commiting a series of blackmail and false rape accusation crimes. According to YNET report, Mali Zarihan used to hitch-hike on the roads, and then blackmail the drivers. She would say that unless the drivers give her money she would complain in the Israeli police that they raped her. According to YNET report, several dozens of Israeli drivers fell vistim to Mali Zarihan's crime over the last year.

One of the drivers, Ronen Cohen from Moshav Ganot, told his story to YNET NEWS: "I was thrown in a jail cell. I cried and yelled there, because I really didn't underdtand how I got into this situation - without doing anything wrong." About 3 months ago, ronen has seen Mali Zarihan hitchiking on the road leading from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv. "I have seen a blonde women and immidiately stopped the car. She asked me to drive her to Tel-Aviv area, and we talked on the way. We have agreed to stop by my house and hang out together, she took a shower at my place, and we were drinking together and having a good time. We started touching each other." Ronen says. However, from this point things just got worse. Ronen keeps telling his horror story: "She asked me to stop, and I immidiately did. I felt a weird fatigue, I think she has put somehting in my drink. After that I was out of focus, but I remember her crying for help and tells the police that she has been raped".

The police soon arrived, and Ronen has opened the door for them. The Police told Ronen that he is a suspect of raping the women, and he was taken to the police station. Ronen tells that he denied all allegations against him. Luckily for him the accuser refused to pass a medical test, which made the Police suspect that she might no be telling the truth.

Ronen has been under Arrest for 24 hours. When he returned home, he noticed that the women has stolen things from his property, thousands of NIS worth while he was under arrest. Ronen says that the hardest part of it was the stigma and weird looks at the eyes of neighbours, friends and relatives. "For them, I am a rapist". Ronen says.

About a month ago, Ronen was driving his car with his female friend, and the police stopped him for a routine licenses check. The policemen who was looking up his details in the police computer, told him that he has a past of being suspect of rape, in front of his female friend.
Ronen says that his friend got terrified, and only after a long conversation Ronen has been able to convince her that it was a false accusation.

Another victim of Mali Zarihan has been M. from the village Ein-Rafa, not far from Jerusalem. M tells a similar story. He gave hitchhiking Mali Zarihan a ride. She told him that she was depressed after her boyfriend dumped her. "We exchanged phone numbers. Since that night we have talked many times over the phone, and 2 weeks later I met her together with my friend. When we were about to say goodbye, she wouldn't leave the car and demanded that I drive her to the Northern part of Israel, a hundereds of kilometers driving distance. I refused, and she left.

Several hours later M recieved a phone call from his brother, telling him that the police came home to look for him, and that he is now a suspect of rape. "I didn't understand what happened", M tells. "I rushed to the police station and saw Mali sit there and cry. The Cops jumped on me and arrested me immidiately. I denied all claims, but the court has extended my arrest the day after regardless of that. I have been arrested for 3 days, until I was bailed out", he painfully tells.

M says that his family believed and supported him all along the way, but members of his community in the small village where he lives did not. "People treated me like a rapist, and Even called me "Benny Sella". (Benny Sella is a famous Israeli serial rapist who is now in jail). Even the relationship with my girlfriend has deteriorated since all this happened."

The police found out the Mali Zarihan has filed dezens of rape complaints in different polices stations all across Israel in the recent 12 months. The police has called the public to provide any additional information about Mali Zarhian, the Serial false rape accuser.

Mali Zarihan might be now senteneced to some time in prison, but who will compensate her victims for their lost good name?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hey, Feminists, Leave The Kids Alone!

A crucial part of the feminist movement strategy is to take control over the mind of young children. This becomes possible in a variety of ways. The takeover of the education system and the teaching proffesion by feminist women, leaves our young boys vulnerable to their feminist brainwash, before they are old enough to develop their own judgement.

But apparently feminists do not find that sufficient. When my mother (who is certainly not a feminist, but happens to be a teacher) studied for her Masters in Education, she had to file papers about what is wrong with the traditional children literature, and about how children books must be revised to reflect better the feminist agenda.

About a year ago, I was listening to the radio, and heard a very interesting item on the national news. The item said that the authority regulating commercials in Israel has declined a request by Women's organizations to ban a commercial that belonged to a leading cellular phones company in Israel. The commercial had good-old Superman starring in it.

Women's organizations claimed that Supermen might "Encourage young children to try to fly". Yes, you are not mistaken. This is actually what they have claimed. It is clear that the real motive behind it was an attempt to censor a healthy male role model for boys. This is how crazy the feminist brainwash in Israel has become.

And my suggestion to this women's organization: why just ban the commercial? why not demand that the Israeli government bans Superman movies altogether?

The "Men Tax" in Israel: A gender-based flat rate 300$ annual men tax

Making men special special gender-based income tax has been part of the feminist agenda for a long time now. However, in Israel a gender-based men tax is already a reality that is well integrated within the income tax system.

Income tax in Israel works in a progressive way, the higher your annual income is, the higher your tax rate will be. After calculating the personal income tax, there are credits. Every Israeli resident is eligible for 2.25 credit points, worth about 1350$ anually. this means that if your calculated income tax is 5000$, you would only pay 3650$.

However, if you are a woman, you will get an additional 0.5 credit points just because you are a woman. It doesn't matter if you have children or not. You just have to be a woman. This additional 0.5 credit point worth about 300$ every year.

So, there you have it. In the Israeli taxation system you have a annual flat 300$ gender-based Men Tax.

If the government wanted to be really eaqul, it should have either canceled the extra 0.5 credit point for women altogether, or reduce it by 0.25 points and give men an extra 0.25 points as well. As long as the current gender-based taxation goes on, the Israeli government will be part of the hall of shame of governments that apply institutional discrimination policies against men on the basis of gender.

The worst thing about it is that the Israeli government doesn't even try to hide it or excuse it in some way. The Men Tax is proudly mentioned in the official website of the finance ministry. Search for "Tax Credits" and you will see it there. An Official Men Tax!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Young men no longer wish to marry - The Marriage Strike

Young men across the western world no longer wish to get married. The number of over 30 years old bachelor is growing faster than ever. Those eternal Peter-Pan style bachelors do not wish to assume traditional adult male responsibilities such as marrying a wife and bringing children. Instead, they preffer investing in their careers, spending some intimate time with their playstation, and relating with women for the sole purpose of a sexual relationship. The complaints by women about the mythical "Men Shortage", are more common and more loud than ever.

So what happened? Is it a problem with the value of the current generation of young males? Is it the education system? Is it the western modern culture? Well the answer to this is no no and no. It is just that many young men today believe that marrige has become a potential dangerous trap for them.

Young men today are increasingly aware of the anti mail bias that feminists brought to the family courts. They are well aware of the dangers of the feminist led domestic violence and divorce industries. They sense that the current social climate is hostile to men in general, and that they no longer have their traditional role as the head of the household, because they are no longer allowed by feminists to fulfill it.

Marriage has simply become extremely unattractive to men, so men just don't do it anymore. This social phoenomenon is often reffered to as "The Marriage Strike". The Marriage Strike is a strike that neither has a union nor leaders. The marriage strike is nothing more than the aggregate result of millions of individual decisions made my young males all across the feminist infected west. Each one of them decides independently that marriage is no good. And there you have it. A Marrige Strike. As long as the legitimate interests of men and fathers are ignored by politicians, judges, and other policy makers, the marriage strike is only going to continue and even deepen. If the Marriage Strike keeps on for too much longer, western civilization as we know it is going to disappear within a generation or two. Do we care? Yes we do. Do we have another choice? no we don't. The current situation is so unbearable, that men no longer have a choice. They must make radical decisions, amounting to an all-out Marriage Strike by males. If the western civilization is not able to self correct the anomalities created by feminism, perhaps it is a sign that it has reached the end of the road, and the time has come for it to be replaced by an alternative civilization.

Child Support and Bankrupcy

Sometimes, things don't go as you expected, and you find yourself consideringf the option of bankrupcy filing. It could be a failed business, a sudden medical bill, unepmployment, divorce, etc.

The main idea behind bankrupcy proceedings is to make it possible for those who got into financial trouble a second chance, and start fresh new life. If a person has no realistic chance to repay his debts, usaully he has to sell all of his assets, pay a realistic amount every month, and he gets some of his debts erased. The whole process is supervised by judges, that make sure a good balance is found between the interests of those who own the debt, and the interests of the debtor.

However, in most countries, child support debts can nev er be erased - even through a bankrupcy process. This leaves many fathers who got into financial trouble without the chance to ev er have normal financial life again. This kind of restriction on the ability to erase child support debts has been heavily promoted by feminist lobbies through the western world. Even in cases where it's clear that the father has no realistic chance to ever repay his child support debts, the child support debt will stay there forever, and will even keep growing over time as a result of the high interest charged.

Child Support debts should be no different than any other debt. If a father cannot repay his debts, then he cannot repay his debts. There is no reason to destroy his whole life because of this. This is even more true because child support debts could have been created not because of the father's fault. This is unlike other types of "regular" debts, that could be created due to over consumption, business failure, or lack of financial responsibility by the debtor. In the case of child support debts, the father's sole "crime" was the fact that he decided to bring a child to the world.
In many cases, the divorce wasn't even his fault. Sometimes, the child support order is too high, so the father cannot pay.

The ability to have child support debts erased in the case of bankrupcy is a right fathers should have. There is no reason to destroy a father's life, just because he is in financial trouble and cannot pay child support. Everybody deserves a second chance - fathers included.

An Anti Feminist Speech by a brave Women: Israeli Lawyer, Dafna Netanyahu, in a conference of the Israeli Likud Party

It is very uncommon to see a politician speaking in public against feminism, in the political corectness atmosphere that controls the Israeli politics and media. However, in a brave speech, Dr. Dafna Netanyahu is presenenting Anti-Feminist views in open air, in a conference of the Israeli Likud Party. The Israeli Likud party is a moderate right-wing party. The Current Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, is from the Likud Party.

A translation of Danfa Netanyahu's speech:

Good evening.

Many years ago, I have talked with an anthropoligist who told me about a research in an African tribe that lived in extreme conditions of war and poverty for a long period of time. The social fabric of that tribe has fell apart. In an event witnessed by the Anthropoligist, some of the tribe members abused a child and moked him, while a larger group of other tribe memebrs watched and laughed with joy, joining the abused from time to time. Among the watchers was also the child's mother, who not only didn't try to protect her child, but also laughed at his humiliation.

The anthropoligist has explained that when a society reaches such a level of lack of compassion, even between a mother and her child, the rehabilition of such a society is no longer possible. Apparently the emotional relationship between family members is a glue that is neccessary to the existance of a any group, as it functions as the basis for the emotional ability of humans to feel dedication to a group. First for his family, then close groups outside the family, and finally to other humans.

It is clear that we have relationships with groups of common interest, such as sports, hobbies, volunteer activities or political opinions. However, relationships that are only based on such groups, are much less deep, and not as full as those we have with more basic groups such as the family.

In the 20th Century, we have witnessed an intended breaking of the emitional-moral social glue, which is so vital to keeping the human group, as well as the emotional ability of an individual to relate to it. I am talking of course abot the communist regimes. Those invested effort in diverting groups of people controlleed by them, from indentifying with their families, communities and so on, to indentifying with the communist party and with the class. This is how we found children snitching on their parents, who were sent to Gulags, force working and re-education camps, as a result. We have seen people who had their brothers or neighbours arrested, in exchange for a better housing or a better job withing the party.

This breaking of the natural bond that related the natural groups such as the family, and converting it to an unnatural bond between party members and members of a certain class, not only destroyes the natural social structure, but also disrupts the ability of individuals in society to feel natual feelings of love, compassion abd morality.
It replaces this ability with a blind agreement to obey adictator, the ruling party, or the elites that dictate the public agenda.

The elites that actually run our lives today, is taking similar measures of mental dictatorship. One of the most obvious examples, especially after the decline of communism, is the high social status of members of the feminist movement, that dictate the public agenda in Israel.

Feminism, just like Communism, is trying to break the natural feeling of bonding inside natural groups such as the family, and this time in the name of Gender.

Unlike movements that try to imporive the status of women INSIDE the family, the community and the nation, Feminism is expecting me as a women, just because I am women, to identify more with a women in China than with my employer who was "unlucky" to be born a man, who also serves as a reservist in the Israeli military and protects my life! It also expects me to identify more with a Palestinian women, who sends her son to commit a "Honor Killing" murder her daughter for "Disgracing the muslim family", more than I identify with my father, my brother, my husband and my son.
Unless my male family members agree with the Ideas of the feminist movement, they are classified as "Chuvinists" and "Women Haters". The feminist movement expects me to identify with another Palestinian women who encourages her children to participate in "Jihad" and commit sucide bomb attacks, against members of my family, my community, my city and my nation.

This demand by feminists, for total identification with our gender on the expense of cutting the natural bonds between our close traditional social units, who consist of both men and women, takes a high moral toll from us as a society. We end up losing our judgement and our ability to tell between right and wrong, real and unreal, rightous and unrightous within our society. Such a situation of confusion and loss of way, makes an excellent ground for the rise of "feminist leaders" that controls us and "shows" us the right way to solve our dillemas in life.

For example, when crimes of violence and sexual offenses against women are commited by jewish men, feminists say that those offender has to be fought against with zero tolerance, while they emphasize the fact that they are men, and after all, all men are violent by nature, unless they prove otherwise. However, when the same crimes are commited against jewish women by Palestinian men, those crimes against women are portraied by Israeli Feminists as a "Rightous national struggle" of Palestinians.
And if the female victim of the crimes are female settlers of the west bank, feminists even praise the attackers, as if they will be rewarded by the kingdom of heaven!

Not long ago, a feminist research has found out that IDF soldiers are not commiting rape crimes against Palestininan women in the occupied territories. But feminists has found an explanation for this: The IDF soldiers are racists, who dehumanize Palestinian women so they are not even an object for rape. This research has been published by one of the most respected universities in Israel.

Before feminists will be able to confuse us completly, we must remind ourselves that men as a whole, who are prtrayed by feminists as potential criminals, violent and chuvinist, could be our father, or our son. We must remember that the "racist" IDF soldiers fight every day against our enemies in order to protect us, and make it possible for us to live in our country. Identifying with our enemies, even with their female gender, is totally not acceptable.

Senior Israeli Police Officer: Over 50% of domestic violence complaints are False Accusations

Over 50% of domestic violence complaints in Israeli Police Stations are False Accusations. This claim was raised by Dr. Pini Yehezkeli, a Senior Israeli Police officer in an article he wrote in the official Israeli Police Force Magazine - "Marot Hamishtara".

Israeli Men rights have srated linking intensively to this article, which was available online. Not Surprisingly, Dr. Yehezkeli's article is no longer available in the police website.

Many Israeli MRAs claim that the Israeli Police is infected with Feminism, as more feminist women has penetrated the Israeli Police force, and managed to acquire key positions and a great influence. The removal of this article could be another example that support such claims by Israeli MRAs.

Official police statistics says that the rate of false accusation is 2-3% of total domestic violence cases opened every year. There is a huge gap between the official statistics and the data presented by Dr. Pini Yehezkeli. Even if the true figure is somewhere in between the 2 versions, such data should be alarming for every decision maker involved in the issue of domestic violence.

The fact that the Israeli Police decided to remove Dr Pini Yehezkeli's article from its web site, suggests that the Israeli police has something to hide. Could the real number of false Domestic Violence accuasions be much higher than the official statistics published by the Israeli police?

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Real victims of Domestic Violence: 200 divorced Israeli men commit suicide every year

200 divorced Israeli men commit suicide every year, many of them do so while they are under police custody, after they were arrested as suspects of domestic violence crimes.
This fact was published in a special report issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health. The report also stated that Divorced men in Israel commit suicide 8 times more than any other distinct population group.

As an American for example, 200 deaths every year might not sound that much. Buy it is important to remember that the total population in Israel is 7 million people. The population of the US for example, is somewhere around 250-300 million. so in US terms, this is as if 7000 good men commit suicide every year! As far as I recall, this is a larger number than the number of casualties in the Sep 11th attack. However, the Israeli media, which is clearly biased against men, does not mention this fact at all.

On the other hand, every time a woman is being murdered by a desparate husband during a divorce process, the media is all up and ready for action. The news will be flooded with horror stories about the poor women, and previous cases of domestic violence will be reminded as well. A whole big party in the media, that takes advantage of the situation to further deepen the social belief that all men are violent and dangerous.

Now, I am not saying that murdering women is OK. All I am saying is that the media is biased against men. And why so? Because on average 14 women are being murdered in Israel every year. This is all. 14 women die every year, and the media is making a huge noise about it. 200 good men die, and the media says nothing. Like in many other western countries, the media in Israel is Pro-Feminist and biased against men.

This post was written in memory of hundreds of anonymous good men, who were falsly accused of domestic violence crimes, broke down in police custody, after being charged with crimes they did not commit, and made a decision to end their lives. May god bless your souls, and may you find peace in heaven.

An Israeli Women's Organization is being taken to court by Israeli MK Michael Ben-Ari

Israeli MK Michael Ben Ari is Taking "Shdulat Hanashim" (Women's Lobby), and Israeli Women's Organization to court, the Israeli media has reported today. In the framework of a discussion in the Israeli Parliament about a law to extend Women's Maternity leave from 3 months to 6 months, MK Ben Ari has argued that Israeli employers might refrain from hiring women in the first place. "The proposed law might end up hurting women's status rather than helping them", MK Ben Ari said. MK Ben Ari has given an imaginary example of an accountant's office that would prefer hiring men rather than women as a result of the proposed law.

"Shdulat Hanashim", one of the most militant Women's organization in Israel, has completly distorted what MK Ben Ari has said and accused him publicly of being a women hater. Shdulat Hanashim is funded by the "New Israeli Fund", which is accused by some Israelies as being Anti-Patriotic and Anti-National donations fund.

MK Ben Ari is filed a 250,000 NIS (around 62500 USD) lawsuit against Shdulat Hanashim.

MK Ben Ari, good luck!

Men Rights in Israel

Men Rights is a sad and painful issue in Israel, as well as in other parts of the western world. The rise of feminism in the last decades of the 20th century has not alerted men as it should have. Men have viewed feminism as a joke, and hasn't taken it seriously at all. As they were sleeping, feminism kept gaining more yards, until one day men have suddently found out that they have no rights left.

Today, Men's status is at all times low. In the Family, in the Media, in Politics, in the Legal System, and in society as a whole. Feminists has been sucesssful in instilling a belief in the whole western world population, men as well as women, that men are useless, stupid and violent. The role of men as the heads of households, as main breadwinners, as leaders and fathers, no longer exist in western society.

This blog is going to focus on these issues, and it is going to focus on what is happening in Israel. There are currently no blogs or websites in English that I am ware of, that tell the story of feminism in Israel. I have even come across a website once, that accused jews of being all feminists. If the author of this website only knew how bad Israeli Jewish men are suffering because of feminism, and how much anger and dislike of feminism there is today among Israeli men, he might have written what he has written. So, this blog will try to tell the story of feminism and men rights in Israel. However, from time to time I hope to also write abot what is happening in other countries as well. Feminism is a global enemy. and so should be the Men Rights Movement. Men from all around the world should unite, and support each other globally, until the feminist beast is beaten.
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