Monday, January 18, 2010

Discriminating Men: Women get Social Security in retirement 3 years earlier than men

This is another example of discrimination against men by the Israeli government. In Israel there is a different retirement age for men and women. The discrimination is very clear: Men are eligible for Social Security when they reach the age of 67. women are eligible as soon as they reach the age of 64. As always, the Israeli government is not even trying to hide or excuse it. You can find this fact stated clearly in plain english in the Israeli Social Security website.

This specific discrimination is quite ugly, because it targets the weaker parts of society - eldery men many of whom do not any other means of income. They cannot go to work at their age, and even if they could, they are very unlikely to be abke to get a job in Israel's agressive and competitive labour market, that favours the young. In many cases those eldery men will have high medical costs, or other challanges relatng to their age.

It is also worth mentioning that women has a higher life expectancy then men, so they are going to get more government money anyway, even without taking into account the fact that they can retire 3 years earlier. This additional fact is just making it even more absurd.

Both men an women, contribute high portions of their income to social security through their younger years, and are demanded to pay eqaully. So what for reason in the world men's Social Security rights shoulb be inferior to those of women? This policy of Israel's social security is simply evil.

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