Monday, January 11, 2010

Men Rights in Israel

Men Rights is a sad and painful issue in Israel, as well as in other parts of the western world. The rise of feminism in the last decades of the 20th century has not alerted men as it should have. Men have viewed feminism as a joke, and hasn't taken it seriously at all. As they were sleeping, feminism kept gaining more yards, until one day men have suddently found out that they have no rights left.

Today, Men's status is at all times low. In the Family, in the Media, in Politics, in the Legal System, and in society as a whole. Feminists has been sucesssful in instilling a belief in the whole western world population, men as well as women, that men are useless, stupid and violent. The role of men as the heads of households, as main breadwinners, as leaders and fathers, no longer exist in western society.

This blog is going to focus on these issues, and it is going to focus on what is happening in Israel. There are currently no blogs or websites in English that I am ware of, that tell the story of feminism in Israel. I have even come across a website once, that accused jews of being all feminists. If the author of this website only knew how bad Israeli Jewish men are suffering because of feminism, and how much anger and dislike of feminism there is today among Israeli men, he might have written what he has written. So, this blog will try to tell the story of feminism and men rights in Israel. However, from time to time I hope to also write abot what is happening in other countries as well. Feminism is a global enemy. and so should be the Men Rights Movement. Men from all around the world should unite, and support each other globally, until the feminist beast is beaten.

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  1. Writing as a Jewish male, it seems that many Jewish feminists (female and male) over-rationalize the Jewish concept of supporting social justice with feminism which is actually best described as a marxist female-supremacist anti-male movement.

    This post was great. Men have taken feminism as a joke arrogantly dismissing feminism as not really a threat to us probably because women are behind it. Now, men are waking up. The future will be painful and dark days are ahead.


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