Monday, January 11, 2010

An Israeli Women's Organization is being taken to court by Israeli MK Michael Ben-Ari

Israeli MK Michael Ben Ari is Taking "Shdulat Hanashim" (Women's Lobby), and Israeli Women's Organization to court, the Israeli media has reported today. In the framework of a discussion in the Israeli Parliament about a law to extend Women's Maternity leave from 3 months to 6 months, MK Ben Ari has argued that Israeli employers might refrain from hiring women in the first place. "The proposed law might end up hurting women's status rather than helping them", MK Ben Ari said. MK Ben Ari has given an imaginary example of an accountant's office that would prefer hiring men rather than women as a result of the proposed law.

"Shdulat Hanashim", one of the most militant Women's organization in Israel, has completly distorted what MK Ben Ari has said and accused him publicly of being a women hater. Shdulat Hanashim is funded by the "New Israeli Fund", which is accused by some Israelies as being Anti-Patriotic and Anti-National donations fund.

MK Ben Ari is filed a 250,000 NIS (around 62500 USD) lawsuit against Shdulat Hanashim.

MK Ben Ari, good luck!

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