Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Watch it online: Feminists trying to frame a Supreme court candidate

It's is quite rare to have evidence to false allegations. Usaully, it's a "word against a word", there are no witnesses. However, this rare story is amazing, you can see online all the evidence and everything links together.

So our story begins at the Law Faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. We have two dominant charachters in our story: The first is Prof. Zohar Goshen, a law professor. Prof. Zohar Goshen had been a candidate to become a Judge in Israel's supreme court. The second charachter is Goshen's colleage, Dr. Orit Kamir, a well known feminist activist and law professor. Prof. Goshen and Dr. Kamir has a well-documented rivalry between them, After Dr. Kamir has accused Prof. Goshen of being "the enemy of women's rights".

Dr. Orit Kamir has published a public letter against the planned appointment of Prof. Goshen to the Supreme court. You can find a news article about publish in Ha'aertz it in hebrew here.
Ha'aretz is Israel's third largest national newspaper. Translation of the news article:

'A letter criticizing Prof. Zohar Goshen, the leading candidate to be appointed to the Supreme Court, has been spread across the Internet during the last few days. Behind the letter is Dr. Orit Kamir. However, the letter has been spread by feminists activists and women's organizations.
"Goshen has opposed the law against sexual harrassment" Kamir has written, "When the law passed he accused me (Kamir has been one of those who initiated the law) that now his life will have to change. As a result of my initiative to promote this law, Goshen has started a personal attack against me and led the Hebrew University to fire me......Goshen is a dangerous enemy to women's rights". Sources close to Goshen has said: "Kamir's claims are a lie and Goshen has never opposed the law against sexual harrassment".' This article is dated 25/7/06.

OK, and now comes the best part. The is a this very popular Internet portal called "Tapuz". In this portal, there is a "Feminism" forum. in 25/7/06, (remember that date? see above!) a user named "Portal" publishes in the Feminism Forum the following message:

Title "Looking for female students who studied at Zohar Goshen's Courses"

Female students who studied at Prof. Zohar Goshen's students, in the Hebrew University or at the "Academic Institute", recently or a few years ago: With relation to his expected appointment to the Supreme Court, it is about time to let some skeletons out of the closet. Girls that this is relevant to them or to their friends know what I am talking about. Please leave me a message".

Amazing isn't it? They are actually actively looking for potential false accusers in order to de-rail Prof. Goshen's appointment to the supreme court! By the way, the original hebrew message in the Tapuz Feminism forum is still there, you can find it here.

It would be noting that a reply message in the forum to that message, by a user named "Nurit Hadari" says the following: "And I am looking for Orit Kamir's letter about this subject. Anyone has a copy?"

Prof. Zohar Goshen wasn't eventually appointed to the supreme court. However, nobody has ever complained. By the way, don't you worry about him, as Prof. Goshen is now the chairmen of Israel's Securities Authority. But the Internet remembers. It remembers an ugly attempt to frame an innocent man with false accusation of sexual harassment.

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