Sunday, January 17, 2010

UK Tories Leader Promises a further crackdown on "Deadbeat Dads"

The upcoming UK election are very likley to have Tories outthrow labour from power. If any of you MRAs had any high hopes that the tories are going do anything about fathers' rights, I'm afraid that you might be disappointed by reading this.

David Cameron, Tories leader does identify what he calls "Broken Britian" - a family crisis in the UK. However, like any other average politician, he chooses to make populist suggestions rather than tracking the real sources of the problem.

Mr. Cameron is promising us a "crackdown on deadbeat dads", together along with tougher measures agaist domestic violence. This are to bad steps in thw wrong direction. Mr. Cameron, These are not the solutions - these are part of the problem! Draconian Domestic Violence laws is part of the reason families in the UK are falling apart, and this is also true for making fathers pay more child support then they can afford, thus making it possible for the government to label them "Deadbeat Dads".

There is only one small ray of light in what Mr, Cameron says. The Tories plan to cut back heavily on welfare payments, including correcting the currect situation where a single mother gets more welfare money than a married mother. However, this is not a real reason for being happy. It is clear that Mr. Cameron is simply unable to understand the deeper roots of the family crisis in Britian. Therfore, I wouldn't expect any major chance in favor of fathers' rights in the UK in the near future.

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