Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feminists Robbing Dead Bodies For Sperm

So, think you have seen it all? You have seen nothing yet. The immorality and disgracefulness of the Feminist movement have now reached a new record high. We have already got used to the fact that feminists make men's life bitter. However, when we died, feminists used to leave us alone. Well, so it was until recently. Nowadays, feiminists have also taken away the privilege men used to have, to die in peace.

When a men dies, it is possible to pump out sperm of the dead body. If the pumping is done within 24 hours from the time of death - the sperm can be used to fertilize a woman. There is only one problem - the man is dead. Which means that you cannot ask him whether or not he agrees to be a father.

However, the feminist-infected family court in Israel doesn't see this as a problem. On January 17th 2007, an Israeli Family has first approve pumping out sperm from a dead body of an IDF soldier died in the course of his military service. The young soldier, 19 years of age, has never been asked whether or not he would be willing to become a father in a way like this, or at all.

The dead soldier's mother, hooked up with a total stranger female, and together they applied to the Israeli family court to approve pumping sperm out of the dead soldier's body. The sperm was to be used to fertilize a total stranger female, whom the young soldier has never met or heard of in his life. However, since the request was filled by women, the Israeli family court automatically approved the request, as it always does.

The sperm has been pumped, and the total stranger female now has a baby. But what about the rights of the young dead man to decide whether he wants to be father or not? And what about the fact that the mother is a total stranger whom the young man has never met in his life? And why did the court assume that the young man would have approved such a controversial act of pumping out sperm from his dead body? And besides, who says that the parents has the right to decide? we know nothing about the relationship this young man has with his parents. Would he want to leave such a decision in their hands? This a new record in the feminist moral corruption - they no longer even respect the dead. Even when a man dies, feminists are going to tear his body apart in order to get some sperm.

This is not surprising though. The Israel sperm-banks are now suffering a major drain crisis. After the Israeli media published that feminists made an attempt to retroactivley expose the identity of sperm-donors, despite the fact that the current laws assure them confidentiality, sperm donations by Israeli men has stopped almost completly. Knowing the identity of the father would allow the mother to take the sperm donor to court and get child support for 21 years, and there is nothing he will be able to do about it. If you also think about the Marrige Strike in Israel that is now developing, Israeli women are now having hard time finding sperm.
So, feminists react to the sperm draght by attempting to look for additional sources for some fresh sperm. And if it means robbing dead bodies of young men who died while serving their country, then so be it. After all, nothing is going to stop a determined feminist.


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  2. Hey Captain!

    Thanks for the feedback! Please feel free to link to me as much as you like. We all have one common goal after all!



  3. I am a random american (visiting other countries) who just stumbled upon your blog, and I want to make a brief comment.

    This particular incident moves me beyond words -- it combines the traditional male sacrifices of military service (a very harsh reality for all young men in Israel) with the cold double standards of modern feminism and female reproductive rights and in a macabre way.


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