Saturday, February 27, 2010

Israeli Criminal Law: Rape is a male-only offense

Women cannot be rapists. This is not only a feminist agenda, but a hard legal fact in the Israeli Criminal Law, which defines rape as a male only offense. Say a 40 years old women, who works as a school teacher, seduces its 13 years old pupil, it might be impossible to file criminal charges against her. She might lose her job, but legally there is no much you can do about it.

Israeli legislators now wants to change the rape definition in the Israeli Criminal Law so that it includes women as well. Feminists has already launched a very noisy campaign in the Israeli media, opposing the psoposed changes to Israeli Criminal Law.

Their arguments are silly and stupid as always. Israeli Feminists claim that making it possible to file rape charges against women might lead to situations where "Male rapists will accuse the women of being the rapists". As always, the Israeli media is at the Feminist side, and we only need to wait and see whether the proposed law change will pass or be burried in the parliament.

You wanna know my bet? I'll bet you 1:10 that the proposed change is NOT going to pass. I wish I will be surprised!

Another arrest order issued against an Israeli father without a legal basis

This is the Story of a personal friend of mine. I will call him O. O is going through a hellish divorce process from a greedy wife, with whom he has 2 children. O is just another one of those fathers who were ordered to pay child support higher than their actual income. O is currently unemployed, after he was layed off during the economic crisis. O has been ordered to pay a sum of 5500 NIS every month, equivalent to 1400 USD. For comparison, the average salary in Israel is currently about 1900 USD a month, meaning that O has been ordered to pay about 73% of an average salary (Before deduction of taxes!!), while he is unemployed. O is not a millionaire, far from it. At the age of 30, O has moved back in with his parents, and his economic future seems quite gloomy.

O and his wife were renting an apartment together. When they broke up, O has left the apartment, but kept paying the rent as the landlord had his personal checques linked to his own account (not the joint account of the couple). The court order clearly stated that O may deduct the amounts paid to the landlord from the child support payments, and so he did.

However, his greedy wife immidiately opened a legal case in the child suppport collection services against him, claiming that he did not pay the child support in full, addressing the amounts deducted with court's permission. O has claimed for his defense that the amouns has been deducted with the court's permit, and attached evidence that those amounts has actually been paid to the landlord for the wife's apartment. The court has scheduled a hearing to Mid-April 2010, more than 2 months away.

Israeli law clearly states that as long as such a claim is pending, no arrest orders can be issued against a debtor. about a week ago, O has recieved a notification from the court about an arrest order than has been issued against him. This means that every moment O can be arrested by the Israeli police and thrown to jail like a criminal.

The Arrest Order issued against O has no legal basis, and in this case it is the Israeli court, who is supposed to be enforcing law, that ignores the laws and the basic rights of O. O has been paying all the child support despite the financial hardship he is in. He is not a deadbeat dad. He cares about his children and he is a great and dedicated father. O might be soon arrested for a fictive debt that has not even been proven yet.

This is just another sad example, of how Fathers Rights in Israel are violated, even if in theory they exist in the laws.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Feminist Sponsored Child Trafficking in Israel?

Israel now has the highest rate of children removed from their natural family in the western world. over 5%(!!) of Israeli children are currently removed from their families, according to data provided by The Israeli Movement For the Future of our Children. This is ten times the western world average statistics that moves around 0.5% of all children.

Hearing such a statistics, one would wonder whether Israeli parents love their chlildren. It is quite obvious that just like in any other coutry, Israeli parents love their children very much. Why then so many children are being removed from their families?

The reason is the Feminist controlled Welfare Industry. Interrelated to the Israeli divorce industry, feminists has found just another way of making money at the expense of children coming from poor families.

This is more or less how the system works: When an Israeli child is removed from his natural family, women at all levels of the welfare industry chain start making money out of it. First, the social worker itself. There are very few male social workers, 95% of them are women. Social Workers in Israel get a special bonus to their salary for every new "case" handled by them. So, the social worker in the field has an economic incentive to remove as much children as possible from their natural families. Bearing in mind that according to current Israeli welfare laws, the Israeli Social workers has more power and authority than court Judges, this is a very big problem.

Second comes the Ministry of welfare itself. For every child removed the Ministry gets more money from the goverment, budgets for more employees, and special programs meant to "treat" and "cure" the problems created by the Ministry of Welfare itself.

In addition, following the privatization of welfare services in recent years, most children are forwarded to special centers, held by private entities, and owned by members of the Israeli Feminist Mafia. For every chlid those centers get about 100,000 NIS (about 25,000 USD) annual budget from the government. The Managers of these centers, always related to the feminist Mafia, enjoy really nice salaries of course, at the expense of the poor children.

What happens to children in these centers? First of all, they are removed from their natural families, and their right to freely communicate with their parents is heavily restricted. The children are over drugged by the center educational and medical staff, usaully for no reason.
Rape and Violence incidents against the children in those places are quite common. However, the Israeli police avoids making serious investigations about it. Somehow all those investigations are being burried and evidence is never found.

Statistics shows that children who grew up in those centers are very likely to become criminals when they grow up. They are way more likely to be involved in serious crimes than children who have not been removed from their families. conclusion: Those centers are not effective, and probably cause more damage than good.

5% is a scary number. The Feminists are destroying the future of Israeli society, for a few more bucks in their salary. Dr. Ester Herzog, a famous Israeli Feminist with some integrity, claims that "Israeli children has become a marchandize." Dr. Ester Herzog is a a feminist who is fighting against the welfarfe industry. But her case is not representative. Most Israeli Feminists support the corrupt welfare industry that is destroying the life of thousands of Israeli chlidren. This has to be stopped NOW!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Perfect Hit: Israeli Father throws a shoe in the face of Supreme Court's Feminist President, breaking her glasses

The way I see it, Pini Cohen, an Israeli Father, is no less than a national hero. Cohen, an Israeli father whose life has been ruined by the Israeli Family Courts, has entered the courthall in the middle of a court session, took his shoe off, and through it in the face of Dorit Beinish, Supreme Court President. It was a perfect hit, and Beinish's glasses has been broken.

Now I have been to the supreme court's hall before, and I know how distant is where the Judges sit from the area the public has access too. Making such a perfect hit from such a long distance means one of two things: the thorwer is either a trained shooter, or has such a strong rage that he is very, very much focused on his target. Dorit Beinish is a notorious feminist, and has direct responsibility for integratnig Anti-Fathers Bias into the Israeli Courts System. Therfore, there is no wonder that the thrower, a father whose life has been destroyed by the system Beinish is heading, has been so angry, and made a perfect hit as a result.

The Israeli Supreme court is a major feminist and Anti-Patriotic stronghold in Israel, and is usaully percieved as the enemy of the common people. The shoe-throwing act has created a real
public storm. In the feminist media, Pini Cohen is condemed and crucified. But if you ask the common man on the street, he would tell you that Pini Cohen is no less that a hero. The shoe-throwing has been a protest by the common men against the misandrist court system, and Pini Cohen has become a symbol and example of the Israeli Fathers Rights movement.

Pini Cohen is very likely to spend a long time in jail now. However, his brave act has been a great service for all Israeli Fathers, and he would definately join the Hall of Fame of the Israeli Fathers Rights Movement.

you can find English YNET Report about the incident here.
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