Saturday, February 27, 2010

Israeli Criminal Law: Rape is a male-only offense

Women cannot be rapists. This is not only a feminist agenda, but a hard legal fact in the Israeli Criminal Law, which defines rape as a male only offense. Say a 40 years old women, who works as a school teacher, seduces its 13 years old pupil, it might be impossible to file criminal charges against her. She might lose her job, but legally there is no much you can do about it.

Israeli legislators now wants to change the rape definition in the Israeli Criminal Law so that it includes women as well. Feminists has already launched a very noisy campaign in the Israeli media, opposing the psoposed changes to Israeli Criminal Law.

Their arguments are silly and stupid as always. Israeli Feminists claim that making it possible to file rape charges against women might lead to situations where "Male rapists will accuse the women of being the rapists". As always, the Israeli media is at the Feminist side, and we only need to wait and see whether the proposed law change will pass or be burried in the parliament.

You wanna know my bet? I'll bet you 1:10 that the proposed change is NOT going to pass. I wish I will be surprised!


  1. Do you have a link for this story? (please)

  2. Sure. There it is:

  3. מה יותר מבאס בכל הרטע הזה חוץ מהעניין של החוק?
    זה שלא רק בישראל זה קורה, התקשורת והממשלות בעולם המערבי, כולם ככה.
    עצוב לראות איך הורסים דמוקרטיה בעזרת הכלים של הדמוקרטיה עצמה.
    באמת שאני לא מבין איך אנשים לא רואים את זה שהעקרון החשוב ביותר עליו מבוססת דמוקרטיה מופצץ - שוויון.


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