Monday, April 1, 2013

The status of Men in Israel from a Human Rights prespective

Israel is supposed to be the only democracy in the middle east. And in some ways, it really is. However, when it comes to the status of men and men's rights, israel can hardly qaulify as a free country.

The situation of men in Israel is one of the worst in the western world. Israeli feminists have imported their ideas from western countries in the anglosphere like US and the UK, but they have taken them to the extreme. Combine the feminist motivation with the relative weakness of the Israeli governmental system,
and what you have got is a nightmare for all Israeli men.

Every human being, has a basic right to start a family. However, should the marriage fail, any man who has children is doomed to poverty. I will demonstrate this by showing what is it going to be like for the average Israeli Joe:

Here is some facts: (monthly unless otherwise stated)

1. The minimum wage in Israel is 4200 NIS (1135 USD).*

2. The average wage in Israel is 9000 NIS (2432 USD).*

3. Every Israeli woman has 2.8 Children on average.*

4. The minimum child support payment per chlid is 1200 NIS (324 USD)**

5. In addition every man must pay 33% of rent/mortgage payments for 1 child, 40% for 2, and 50%
    for 3 children. **

6. For an average family the average cost of rent would be 5000 NIS. (1351 USD).***

7.In addition, 50% of every Extra costs such as education or health. **

7. So, the Average Divorced Israeli Joe would have to pay for 2.8 Children:
324*2/8 + 45%*1351 = 907 + 608 = 1515 USD

Given that his avrage income is 2432 USD, he is left with 917 USD for living, LESS THAN THE MINIMUM WAGE.

The calculation is very conservative. the minimum of 324USD per child is for those who earn the minimum wage or less. Those who earn the average wage are likely to pay even more and be left with even less.

There is no minimum garanteed income that is left, in fact even if a man loses his job those payments stay in tact. In fact, it is completly possible to have an Israeli family court award the divorced wife child support which exceed the man's wage.

200 Israeli man commit sucide every year. ****

The Israeli Government is violating human rights of men.

* Government Data, National Bereu of Statistics
** Mentioned again and again in every Israeli family court ruling
*** Ask any Israeli, he will tell you.
**** Israeli Governmental data, ministry of health, confirmed again by a goivernment official in a UN Human Rights comitee hearing.
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