Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feminism and the feelings of men

A common complaint by women is that "men are not connected to their feelings". This complaint is of course invalid and misandrist. Men DO have feelings, but sometimes they choose different ways to express them, and this is something that those women cannot understand. So it isn't that men don't have feelings, it is the limitations of women that are not capable of understanding men. As always, they would blame men for everything, regadrless of the facts.

So, today I am going to talk about my own feelings as a men regarding feminism, in a lanaguage that women are able to understand.

The first emotion I feel when I hear anything that has anything to do with feminism is anger. A very powerful, deep feeling of anger. Now let's try to analyze that. Why am I so angry at feminist?
Is it because I am a women hater? Is it because I had a bad mother? is it because I am a psycho?
Well the answers to this are No No and No. On the contrary. I love other human beings, I have a wonderful mother, and I just an ordinary person. Why then, am I feeling such a powerful anger about the issue of feminism?

Well, there are many possible reasons why people would feel angry about things. For example, if you had a dream and someone has broken it, you are very likely to feel anger towards that person or entity. If you had something of value that you loved, and it was taken away from you, it would be very strange if you didn't feel anger toeards those who took this precious thing from you.

And guess what? this is exactly what feminist did. Having been born in the end of the 1970's, I have grown up in a feminism-free atmosphere. I remember my childhood as great. Feminism hasn't really gained much foothold in Israel until the 1990's. Israel has been a wonderful place to grow up in, despite all the security issues of the middle east. Society was healthy. Families were strong. Divorce has not been as common as it is today. Misandry in Israeli society and in the Israeli media did not exist until the 1990's.

As most of my peers, I have dreamed about the day where I would become an adult, and my time will come to have my own beloved wife and adorable children. I could not wait to have my own family. It was something that I precieved as a natural stage in my development as a human being.

Back then, I loved my country very much, and had a string Patriotic feeling about it. I felt thankful for all the good things my country has given me, and the love to my coutry was an essential part of my identity.

But as I was growing up, things began to change. The newspapers and the TV were suddently filled with all kinds of wierd stories about poor women being battered and abused by their husbands. The Israeli government started making all kinds of wierd laws against men, who were suddently portrayed as the "Enemies of Society". At some point one would feel the need to apologize for having being born with a penis. Divorce rates were on the rise. Israeli courts began to make all those bad policies against men, imposing impossible child support amounts on them, not allowing them to see their children, etc. False Domestic violence and Rape accusations became the new trend. Worst of all, the perception of family in the Israeli society has changed. Families weakend a great deal, and the trust between men and women deteriorated.

When I grew up, I realized that the Israeli family is not what it used to be. I have known some men whose life has been completly destroyed by the Israeli family courts. Their children were taken away from them, thwe ex-wife interfered with visitation rights, one of them has even been put on a criminal charges because his ex filled fase domestic violenbce allegations against him.
All were financially ruined.

Having seen all this, I was in a serious crisis. I really wanted a family, but I feared that my fate would become similar to the fate of those men I knew. At some point my childhood friends began to get married, and in recent years some of them are going on divorce, experiencing all the terrible things that the Israeli Divorce Industry has to offer.

After a long process I decided that I have no choice but to give up my dream and give up the idea of having a family of my own altogether. Later on I realized that I was not alone. Many men around the world are facing similar dillemas, and end up making the same decisions. This is called the "Marriage Strike".

On the way, I gradually began to lose trust in the whole governmental systems in my country. The government itself, the police, the courts, the welfare systems, are all feminist secret agents now, imposing their evil agenda. The love I felt to my country began depreciating. How can I love such an evil country, that takes away my most basic right, to have a family of my own?

So this is my story. This is how I lost my dream to have a family of my own, abd the country that I loved. So no wonder than I am angry. Feminism has brought a social disaster on us. Feminism is destroying famlies, and the social fab-ric as a result. So there you go. I was personally hurt and I am angry, just like any other person in my situation would have been.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A great Anti-Feminist Reader Comment by a Woman

I came across this great reader comment while reading just another one of those feminist opinion articles at YNET news. I think that this comment shows that some woman begin to understand that feminism is not only against the best interest of men, it is agaist the best interest of women as well.

Translation to English of the sarcastic hebrew comment:

Go to hell alll feminists!

Thank you so much for the strong women who have fought for the freedom of women in all fields of life so far, but please, feminists, leave some masculinity in the world. Nature is not making progress as fast as you are promoting your battles! You already want men to give birth, do shopping and babysitter, get the kids from the kindergarden whlie they are discussing their testicles overflow problems. I protest! Sorry, but a man
needs to be a man, and I am not the only woman who is attracted to men with masculine traits, and unfortunately lack of interest in shopping is part of the package. Or maybe I should be happy about it? Because I am a woman and nature has decided for me that women are collectors, and shine with hapiness when they see shops overloaded with goods, and especially happy when my partner is not there too see how I abuse my VISA card. Because of you feminists we both work full time and run the domestic matters almost by ourselves. In addition we are expected to be fresh and sensual, and don't tell me it's my problem, it is a problem common to many women, it is a compromise you make in order to live your life together with a partner you are interested in - period. And any feminist that would tell me that I am stupid for making this compromise, is probably bitter husbandless women that is still searching for the perfect men that would both be a CEO, a perfect father and a good girlfriend, a babysitter and eqaul partner in raising children, and a good lover as well. When Ido Rosenblum (Talent in a popular Israeli Trivia-like TV show, D.C) asked in "Monit Hakesef" a lesbian couple if they burn bras, they replied "We are not retards, just lesbians". This concludes my words.

תלכו לעזזל כל הפמיניסטיות!
תודה רבה לנשים החזקות שלחמו למען חופש הנשים בכל התחומים עד היום, אבל אנא מכן פמיניסטיות, תשאירו מעט גבריות בעולם, מה לעשות שהטבע אינו מתקדם במהירות בה אתן מקדמות את מלחמותיכן! אתן כבר רוצות שגברים יילדו, יעשו קניות ובייביסיטר, יאספו את הילדים מהגן תוך כדי שהם דנים בבעיית הגודש בביצים. אני מוחה!!! מצטערת, אבל גבר צריך להיות גבר, ואני לא היחידה שנמשכת לגברים בעלי תכונות גבריות, ולצערי חוסר עניין בקניות זה חלק מהחבילה, ואולי לשמחתי? כי אני אישה , והטבע שחליט בשבילי שאישה היא מלקטת, זורחת מאושר למראה החנויות העמוסות כל טוב ובעיקר שמחה שבן הזוג לא זוכה במראה הקשה של התעללות בויזה. בגללכן פמיניסטיות אנחנו גם עובדות במשרה מלאה וגם מנהלות משק בית כמעט לבד - עובדות 24/7 ובנוסף לכל זה מצפים מאיתנו להיות רעננות וחושניות, ואל תגידו לי שזו בעיה שלי, זאת בעיה של הרבה נשים, זאת פשרה על מנת לקיים חיים זוגיים עם מישהו שיש לך בו עניין - נקודה. ומי שתגיד לי שאני מפגרת שהתפשרתי היא בטוח רווקה מזדקנת שמחפשת את המושלם שלה שגם יהיה מנכ"ל, גם אב למופת גם חברה טובה, גם בייביסיטר ושותף מלא בגידול הילדים, וגם מאהב טוב . כאשר עידו רוזנבלום שאל במונית הכסף זוג לסביות מדליקות אם הן שורפות חזיות - הן ענו: "אנחנו לא מפגרות אנחנו רק לסביות" וזה מסכם את דבריי.
אישה |
12:50 | 10.03.10

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Israeli Feminists de-rail legislation to hold female rapists accountable

Israeli Feminist organizations have sucessfully de-railed a legislation that would hold female rapists criminally accountable. Under the current definition of Rape in the Israeli criminal law, Rape is a male-only offense. Meaning, that it is impossible for a woman to be a rapist, no matter what she does.

Not much of a surprise here. Israeli feminists have an extremely effective lobby that keeps promoting discriminating pro-female legislation, while de-railing any legislation that promotes true eqaulity, justice for men, or any kind of demand for accountability by females.

This would be just another sad chapter in the horror story of men rights in Israel, and in the western world as a whole. Politicians are cowards. Always have been, always will be. The change we need so much is never going to come from them.

Big thumbs down for Israeli Politicians, you have just missed a chance to correct a bad law. You probably think that if an adult woman seduces a male minor, this is perfectly OK, and you don't think anything should be done about it. Or perhaps I am giving you too much credit buy saying that you "think"? You probably don't even think and don't care at all.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feminist Hypocracy: Women are more likely to fire other pregnant women more than men

A New Research by Nirit Toshav-Eichner from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem shows that women are more likely than men to fire other pregnant women.

According to Israeli labour laws, an employer must seek a speciasl permit from the government if he wants to fire a pregnant woman employee. The government is checking the real reasons for the employment termination, and only if an approval is granted, the employee can be fired. The request is filled by the direct manager of the employee.

The research has found out that 1/3 of the requests were filed by women. Consideringthe fact that over 2/3 of managers in Israel are men, you get the conclusion that women are more likely than men to file requests to fire other pregnant women.

If you add that to another research that found out that Israeli men and women alike prefer a male boss rather than a female boss, you must ask yourself that maybe Israeli men are not that bad after all, in spite of the feminist propaganda.

By the way, my personal conclusion is not that men are better than women, I actually believe that every employer views his employees in an instrumental way and all he cares about is maximizing the business profit. My conclusion is that women are more likely to detect a situation when their female employees take advantage of their special status as a "pregnant employee" and the privileges that accompany it. Why are they better at it? Well, first of all, they are women. Secondly, they might have been there themselves sometime inb their proferssional history, some of those female managers might have taken advantage of their status as pregnant women in the past, and therefore are better at detecting such attempts by their female employees....
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