Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Israeli Feminists de-rail legislation to hold female rapists accountable

Israeli Feminist organizations have sucessfully de-railed a legislation that would hold female rapists criminally accountable. Under the current definition of Rape in the Israeli criminal law, Rape is a male-only offense. Meaning, that it is impossible for a woman to be a rapist, no matter what she does.

Not much of a surprise here. Israeli feminists have an extremely effective lobby that keeps promoting discriminating pro-female legislation, while de-railing any legislation that promotes true eqaulity, justice for men, or any kind of demand for accountability by females.

This would be just another sad chapter in the horror story of men rights in Israel, and in the western world as a whole. Politicians are cowards. Always have been, always will be. The change we need so much is never going to come from them.

Big thumbs down for Israeli Politicians, you have just missed a chance to correct a bad law. You probably think that if an adult woman seduces a male minor, this is perfectly OK, and you don't think anything should be done about it. Or perhaps I am giving you too much credit buy saying that you "think"? You probably don't even think and don't care at all.

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