Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feminist Hypocracy: Women are more likely to fire other pregnant women more than men

A New Research by Nirit Toshav-Eichner from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem shows that women are more likely than men to fire other pregnant women.

According to Israeli labour laws, an employer must seek a speciasl permit from the government if he wants to fire a pregnant woman employee. The government is checking the real reasons for the employment termination, and only if an approval is granted, the employee can be fired. The request is filled by the direct manager of the employee.

The research has found out that 1/3 of the requests were filed by women. Consideringthe fact that over 2/3 of managers in Israel are men, you get the conclusion that women are more likely than men to file requests to fire other pregnant women.

If you add that to another research that found out that Israeli men and women alike prefer a male boss rather than a female boss, you must ask yourself that maybe Israeli men are not that bad after all, in spite of the feminist propaganda.

By the way, my personal conclusion is not that men are better than women, I actually believe that every employer views his employees in an instrumental way and all he cares about is maximizing the business profit. My conclusion is that women are more likely to detect a situation when their female employees take advantage of their special status as a "pregnant employee" and the privileges that accompany it. Why are they better at it? Well, first of all, they are women. Secondly, they might have been there themselves sometime inb their proferssional history, some of those female managers might have taken advantage of their status as pregnant women in the past, and therefore are better at detecting such attempts by their female employees....

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