Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Perfect Hit: Israeli Father throws a shoe in the face of Supreme Court's Feminist President, breaking her glasses

The way I see it, Pini Cohen, an Israeli Father, is no less than a national hero. Cohen, an Israeli father whose life has been ruined by the Israeli Family Courts, has entered the courthall in the middle of a court session, took his shoe off, and through it in the face of Dorit Beinish, Supreme Court President. It was a perfect hit, and Beinish's glasses has been broken.

Now I have been to the supreme court's hall before, and I know how distant is where the Judges sit from the area the public has access too. Making such a perfect hit from such a long distance means one of two things: the thorwer is either a trained shooter, or has such a strong rage that he is very, very much focused on his target. Dorit Beinish is a notorious feminist, and has direct responsibility for integratnig Anti-Fathers Bias into the Israeli Courts System. Therfore, there is no wonder that the thrower, a father whose life has been destroyed by the system Beinish is heading, has been so angry, and made a perfect hit as a result.

The Israeli Supreme court is a major feminist and Anti-Patriotic stronghold in Israel, and is usaully percieved as the enemy of the common people. The shoe-throwing act has created a real
public storm. In the feminist media, Pini Cohen is condemed and crucified. But if you ask the common man on the street, he would tell you that Pini Cohen is no less that a hero. The shoe-throwing has been a protest by the common men against the misandrist court system, and Pini Cohen has become a symbol and example of the Israeli Fathers Rights movement.

Pini Cohen is very likely to spend a long time in jail now. However, his brave act has been a great service for all Israeli Fathers, and he would definately join the Hall of Fame of the Israeli Fathers Rights Movement.

you can find English YNET Report about the incident here.

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