Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Israeli Father Arrested For No Reason By Rabbanical Family Court, Will recieve 2500$ compensation from the state

N. is an Israeli Father and Men Rights Activist. I know him personally. He is one of the bravest and most determined MRA's in the country. N took the Israeli government to court after he spent 1 night under arrest by an illegal order of the Rabbanical Family Court. N has decided that he is not going let the government get away with it, and took it to court. A settlement hasd been reached, and tghe Israeli Government will pay N 2500$ compensation.

This is good news for both N and Israeli Fathers alike. This is sending the government a clear message: Fathers has rights too. You cannot ignore those rights. And if you do, you are going to pay.

Family courts in Israeli are very easy in approving requests for various orders against fathers. This includes restraining orders, arrest orders, limiting property dispositions orders, and so on. Requests for such orders that would have likely been denied in a regular Israeli court for lack of supporting edidence, are very easily approved against fathers by the Family Courts. This is why this settlment is so important.

It all begun when N's wife has filled all sorts of requests against N in the Rabbanical Family Court, and provided a wrong address. As a result N has never recieved the letter from the court.
N has learned about the court proceedings from other sources, and shown up despite not having to do so. At that opportunity he gave the court his correct address, which was recorded in the court's protocol.

However, the court kept sending letters to his old address. N failed to show up, and as a result the Rabbanical Family Court has issued an order to have him brought to court by the police and put him under arrest. The Israeli police failed to execute the arrest order because it contained the wrong address.

The rabbanical Family court has issued another order, and gave it to N's wife. This way, whenever his wife sees N or knows where he is, she could have the police come and arrest him.
The oder granted to the wife was without the possibility for a financial bail.

After 7 months, there was an argument between N and his wife. The wife has called the police, and took advantage of the 7 months old arrest order. When the police came she presented the order to them. N was immidiately arrested, and spend the night behind bars.

N decided that he was not going the government violate his rights and get away with it. N should be an example for each one of us. If the goverment is violating your rights, stand up and fight back!

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