Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Senior Israeli Police Officer: Over 50% of domestic violence complaints are False Accusations

Over 50% of domestic violence complaints in Israeli Police Stations are False Accusations. This claim was raised by Dr. Pini Yehezkeli, a Senior Israeli Police officer in an article he wrote in the official Israeli Police Force Magazine - "Marot Hamishtara".

Israeli Men rights have srated linking intensively to this article, which was available online. Not Surprisingly, Dr. Yehezkeli's article is no longer available in the police website.

Many Israeli MRAs claim that the Israeli Police is infected with Feminism, as more feminist women has penetrated the Israeli Police force, and managed to acquire key positions and a great influence. The removal of this article could be another example that support such claims by Israeli MRAs.

Official police statistics says that the rate of false accusation is 2-3% of total domestic violence cases opened every year. There is a huge gap between the official statistics and the data presented by Dr. Pini Yehezkeli. Even if the true figure is somewhere in between the 2 versions, such data should be alarming for every decision maker involved in the issue of domestic violence.

The fact that the Israeli Police decided to remove Dr Pini Yehezkeli's article from its web site, suggests that the Israeli police has something to hide. Could the real number of false Domestic Violence accuasions be much higher than the official statistics published by the Israeli police?

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