Monday, January 11, 2010

The Real victims of Domestic Violence: 200 divorced Israeli men commit suicide every year

200 divorced Israeli men commit suicide every year, many of them do so while they are under police custody, after they were arrested as suspects of domestic violence crimes.
This fact was published in a special report issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health. The report also stated that Divorced men in Israel commit suicide 8 times more than any other distinct population group.

As an American for example, 200 deaths every year might not sound that much. Buy it is important to remember that the total population in Israel is 7 million people. The population of the US for example, is somewhere around 250-300 million. so in US terms, this is as if 7000 good men commit suicide every year! As far as I recall, this is a larger number than the number of casualties in the Sep 11th attack. However, the Israeli media, which is clearly biased against men, does not mention this fact at all.

On the other hand, every time a woman is being murdered by a desparate husband during a divorce process, the media is all up and ready for action. The news will be flooded with horror stories about the poor women, and previous cases of domestic violence will be reminded as well. A whole big party in the media, that takes advantage of the situation to further deepen the social belief that all men are violent and dangerous.

Now, I am not saying that murdering women is OK. All I am saying is that the media is biased against men. And why so? Because on average 14 women are being murdered in Israel every year. This is all. 14 women die every year, and the media is making a huge noise about it. 200 good men die, and the media says nothing. Like in many other western countries, the media in Israel is Pro-Feminist and biased against men.

This post was written in memory of hundreds of anonymous good men, who were falsly accused of domestic violence crimes, broke down in police custody, after being charged with crimes they did not commit, and made a decision to end their lives. May god bless your souls, and may you find peace in heaven.

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