Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hey, Feminists, Leave The Kids Alone!

A crucial part of the feminist movement strategy is to take control over the mind of young children. This becomes possible in a variety of ways. The takeover of the education system and the teaching proffesion by feminist women, leaves our young boys vulnerable to their feminist brainwash, before they are old enough to develop their own judgement.

But apparently feminists do not find that sufficient. When my mother (who is certainly not a feminist, but happens to be a teacher) studied for her Masters in Education, she had to file papers about what is wrong with the traditional children literature, and about how children books must be revised to reflect better the feminist agenda.

About a year ago, I was listening to the radio, and heard a very interesting item on the national news. The item said that the authority regulating commercials in Israel has declined a request by Women's organizations to ban a commercial that belonged to a leading cellular phones company in Israel. The commercial had good-old Superman starring in it.

Women's organizations claimed that Supermen might "Encourage young children to try to fly". Yes, you are not mistaken. This is actually what they have claimed. It is clear that the real motive behind it was an attempt to censor a healthy male role model for boys. This is how crazy the feminist brainwash in Israel has become.

And my suggestion to this women's organization: why just ban the commercial? why not demand that the Israeli government bans Superman movies altogether?

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